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quest Miranda Darling’s “uncles” were definitely gay were they not? Weren’t there some implications about Minnie’s aunts in a Boston Marriage or am I reading into it?

ans They definitely are together. And no, you’re not reading into the implications about Minnie’s aunts. I don’t think those were particularly subtle.

(And now I can’t remember if I kept the scene between Lydia and Minnie in the book where Lydia says, “Ooh, we can become spinsters together, just like your aunts!” and Minnie says, “Maybe not just like my aunts, I do not know if you would be into me like that.”)

The text did not, however, established whether they were gay or bisexual. The fact that those four are in committed, monogamous, decades-long relationships with same-sex partners does not preclude bisexuality.

The only person I have specified is not attracted at all to the opposite sex is Richard Dalrymple.

quest Any chance of a flashback novella featuring Minnie’s great-aunts? It would be adorable to see how they met.

ans That does sound adorable and in theory I want to write that IMMEDIATELY.

In practice, I actually have only the vaguest clue of how they met. No promises, because I don’t have a story idea yet, but I will put it in the hopper of things to consider.

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