Delicious Release

Whether you are traveling to Nationals or staying at home, there is something you should do today.

Yes, you.

Go to your store.  Go to Amazon.  Go anywhere that sells awesome books, and buy one of the best historicals available.  That would be, for those of you who don’t know yet, Sherry Thomas’s incredible Delicious.  I was lucky enough to win an ARC, and I avoided everything else for several blissful hours to devour Sherry’s sophomore debut.  Private Arrangements was awesome, but I have no vocabulary for how good Delicious is.  It’s hot, emotional, funny, and it made me very, very hungry.  I loved Stuart–a true alpha male, in every excellent sense of the word and none of the stupid, bumbling ones–and Verity with a burning passion.  Seriously–buy a copy for the plane ride to Dallas.  You won’t regret this one.  Except after you finish it and curl into a little ball, hitting yourself over your head for your own inadequacy.

I am going to go face out the copies of Delicious in the airport bookstore; you are going to buy this book and read it.

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