First sale!

Puppy pictures will follow soon–but I wanted to announce here that my awesome agent, Kristin Nelson, has just finished my sale to HQN at auction. PROOF BY SEDUCTION will be released in Fall of 2009, and the second book–still working on that one–will follow shortly.

I will have a longer post–with all the many attributions that I must make, because this book owes a huge amount to many amazing people–but I thought I would start with this.

UPDATE–I’m on publisher’s marketplace!


Golden Heart Nominee for Breath of Honor Courtney Milan’s PROOF BY SEDUCTION, about a rigidly logical marquis who uses the scientific method to save his heir from the clutches of a fraudulent fortune teller, only to fall for her and discover that the one hypothesis not susceptible to proof is love, to Ann Leslie Tuttle at HQN, in a good deal, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (World).

23 thoughts on “First sale!

  1. I have known this day would arrive since I read your first Fanlit chapter. It’s always pleasant to be proved right. 🙂 Hugs and toasts and huge congratulations!

  2. Happy dancing!

    And now YOU get the pretty pink ribbon as next year’s RWA conference. (It’s a great conversation starter in elevators, I’ve found.)

    This is wonderful, wonderful news, and well-deserved. Congratulations!

  3. What a banner week! You won’t be forgetting this one any time, uh, ever. So, so excited for you. And I agree with Janga. From the moment I read Goddess, I knew you had a special talent. Enjoy the excitement!

  4. Thank you so much, everyone. It is really hard to believe that it’s finally happened.

    I also have to shout out to two of my 2008 GH sisters who ALSO sold today:

    Susan Gee Heino, the winner of the 2008 GH in the Regency category, and Susan Seyfarth, whose “Money, Honey” was the winner of the GH in the Single Title category. Both sold to Berkley. This has been a great day!


    OMG, I have been holding that in all night! (I’m halfway across the world right now, with dodgy internet access, for those who might be scratching their heads at that one.)

    CM, no one is more deserving of this than you, and I’m so proud and excited for you. I know it’s just the beginning of an awesome, long, bestselling career. I love you!

  6. You know I love you. And I am wagging my tail along with Puppy. It’s so wonderful that your huge talent will finally be revealed to the world. The mask is off and it’s time to party!

    I am honored to be your friend.

  7. And mega congrats to the two Susans! Please forgive me for my neglecting to say that in my original post. I’m just so darned excited!

  8. Thanks so much everyone!

    Although I must admit, Amy–the puppy does not have a tail. When he’s happy, he shows it by doing a full-body wriggle.

    Or, sadly, by peeing. 🙂

  9. Major Congrats!!! A friend of mine called me last night to tell me and then I read on the Manuscript Mavens this morning. So very excited for you. 🙂

  10. Woowee!! I am sooo excited and happy for you, Courtney! What a great beginning to a long career. I can’t wait to read ALL your books.

  11. I’ve said it before, but I’m happy to say it again…
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Additional squees to the two Susans as well – what a day for the Pixie Chicks!)

    As several people have mentioned, it was clear as soon as I read “Goddess of Small Things” in that first round of FanLit that there was a special new voice in historical romance. I am so thrilled for you, and I can’t wait for the world to read this fabulous book. NYT, here comes CM!

  12. OMG! How adorable is that!!!!!!!! You just want to squeeze him, and kiss him. Sorry if it’s a girl… I usually have boy dogs…lol

  13. I’ve squeeeed everywhere else, so here’s another great big cheer for you! Talk about a banner year!

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