I am guest-blogging at Keli Gwyn’s wonderful site, “Romance Writers on the Journey.”

I am also telling fortunes!  They are guaranteed to be 100% accurate in at least one if not two universes parallel to ours, and potentially correct in this world, too!

One thought on “Guest-blogging!

  1. Courtney,

    You’re by far the most fun fortune teller I’ve ever had on my blog. Aw, gee. You’re the only one. But, wow, are you ever making things fun over at Romance Writers on the Journey today. Not only is your interview interesting, but you are so clever and your comments such a hoot.

    So, to all your visitors, here, I say, “Grab your favorite fruit or veggie, come on over and join the fun.”

    Why the produce? Because ze wise and wonderful, all seeing Mademoiselle Courtney puts zem to use as she looks into the future. Zat is why.

    Join the fun. You’ll be glad you did.


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