Maximizing Your Productivity

Kay Cassidy is the winner of the 2008 Golden Heart for her Young Adult novel The Cinderella Society, which will be coming from Egmont in Spring of 2010.  She’s also got an MBA, and she is more organized than . . . well, I would say more organized than me, but since my desk bears a strong resemblance to a volcanic eruption, that is not saying much.  In any event, Kay has been blogging for the last couple of days, giving productivity tips for authors.  Things like, how to organize yourself so that you can get work done, and how to save things so that you can find them later.

To me, what Kay proposes sounds like something between heaven and magic.  Right now, my organization is to stack things up in a five-foot pile on my desk, and hope that if the cat knocks the pile over, it gets restacked before the dog chews up anything important.  I desperately needed this.  She’s convinced me to go digital in 2009 and buy a receipt scanner.

If you’re interested, check out her awesome posts here, and here.

3 thoughts on “Maximizing Your Productivity

  1. Hey CM!

    Thanks for the shout-out. You’ll have to tell me how your receipt scanner journey unfolds. And get a Smead while you’re out. I promise you will L-O-V-E it for all those odds and ends.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Okay, I just saw the icon guy it put next to my comment and it totally cracked me up! I swear that actually looks like me somedays. Mostly when I’m editing…

  3. I shouldn’t even admit this, but I have book contracts mixed with check stubs in one file and books I’m in that have never even been opened in their original envelopes stacked in a cabinet. It’s all neat and it looks okay, but if I had to go back and search out a contract I’d be in a panic for hours. I tend to keep moving forward and I forget about things that don’t involve the moment. But anything that will help organize me certainly can’t hurt.

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