What do we think?

So this last month has been a bit of an experiment for me.  My goal–which was met–was to post every business day of the month, to see if it was a good idea.

How was I to judge if it was a good idea?  Uh….

Well, I had no real criteria, which might be a problem.  The problem is this:  I don’t see the point of a blog if it’s not posted on regularly, e.g., at least every few days.  I also don’t see the point of a blog if it is boring, and if I had to post a lot, I would be boring.

I think I have decided that posting every day qualifies as “boring.”  And yet nothing is more boring than a blog without posts.  Plus, blogging requires a certain mindset, so if you’re not in it–if you don’t have your antenna up in search of blog posts–you’re guaranteed to post irregularly, and you’ll be boring to boot.

So what do we think?  More blogging?  Less blogging?  Boring blogging?  Non-boring blogging?

8 thoughts on “What do we think?

  1. I agree that a blog without posts is boring and pointless, which is why I have also started posting every weekday. It’s hard to come up with stuff to say every day, but this week the muse seemed to supply an adequate staple of topics.

    People don’t come visit your blog on a regular unless they’re reasonably assured you have something interesting or useful to say on a regular basis.

    So, I’m all for Courtney continuing with the same amount of blogging as she is presently doing :). I like coming here every day and being pretty sure I’m going to find something new to read!

  2. keep posting. I read it every day. if it is helpful I have ideas about things I would like to read on a blog. I would love to read about the process of becoming published from chapter 1 to seeing your book on amazon.

  3. Oh, it was an experiment. I thought you’d decided to copy Kristin N and post every weekday on a consistent basis. And even though I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve been a little worried whether that was cutting into your writing time.

    Well, you have to decide for yourself. Cuz for me your posting more would be a net gain, since I like reading what you post. But is it a net gain for you?

  4. Sherry, right now it’s not cutting into the writing time–but I’m also not working a second job right now. But in a few months, that’s changing.

    I’m not sure yet. So far it hasn’t been bad–the most important thing is to put time limits on the post so it doesn’t take too much time, and to do it after I’ve done my writing for the day (I’ve been scheduling them in advance–so what will happen is I write them at night, sometimes days in advance).

    But I suspect I will dial them down in the coming months–to maybe a few times per week? Tuesday/Friday, perhaps?

  5. I only blog once, occasionally twice a week. People seem to be used to it, and they keep coming back. Like gg’s mom said up there, I think people are interested in hearing the nitty-gritty of what you go through on the way to publication. AFTER my books come out…that’s when I wonder what the heck I’ll blog about.

  6. I have not been the least bit bored with your posts, quite the contrary, in fact, though I could see how it would be difficult to come up with something every day after awhile. You could do the Nathan Bransford formula and have a different “sort” of blog every day–one day for a status update on what you’re writing, one day for industry goodness, one day for updates on your own publications goodness, one day for miscellaneous…

    Or you could keep doing what you’re doing. If so, I PROMISE you that I will tell you, in no uncertain terms, when I’m bored.

  7. I don’t mind blogs that are updated a few times a week. I can’t read them everyday, anyway, so I inevitably skip posts. I like Tessa’s approach of blogging on tuesdays- I knew when to check in. I have enjoyed reading yours and hope you continue!

  8. FWIW, I love your daily blog and have read all of them even if I haven’t commented. Not at all boring. So that’s my vote (if you’re taking votes).

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