Author Photos

They are up now.  Check them out!

(If you’re wondering what happened to the other one–I had it taken at Glamourshots in a panic, the day before the deadline for the Golden Heart deadline for photos.  The person who took it told me, “sure, you can use it anywhere; it’s yours now.” No idea who this was.  And I doubt whoever he was, that he had permission to give me permission, since it was probably work for hire done for Glamourshots.  Besides, you can’t verbally assign copyright.

This is not the kind of assurance you want to have in hand for a photo that you hand to a publisher. Particularly if your contract places liability for copyright infringement, for articles that you provided, squarely on you.)

7 thoughts on “Author Photos

  1. Courtney, the photos are lovely, and congrats on the novella. Being paired with Mary Balogh would be a dream come true for me, she’s absolutely my favorite author.

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