FAQs, part II

It is the second day of the FAQ-contest–ask me a question, and you will have a chance to win a $15 gift certificate, and a truly incredibly awesome fantastic very good prize!  Yesterday was Monday; two questions were asked.  That means that right now, the marginal chance of winning $15 is 33%, and for a mere two seconds of your time, your expected average earnings are $5, plus 1/3rd of a wonderfully truly incredibly awesome fantastic very good prize.  Ask away!

In the meantime, some answers to the two questioners yesterday:

Q. What comes first in your books: The characters or the plot?

A. Um . . . yes!  Honestly, I don’t know.  I have a lot of ideas for characters in my head. Mostly they just sit there, unused.  A book starts when I get a really great idea for a plot (or, uh, rather, the start of a plot), and then I say, “Ha!  That would be such an evil thing to do to that dude who had the Bleak-House-esque mother.” The germ of an actual book is the plot, though, and it’s usually about finding the right character for the plot, than the reverse.  In the second book I’m writing, the order was inverted, and it has created all kinds of difficulties.  I’m never writing a book this way again.

Q. Does your husband read your work?

A. Yes, Mr. Milan reads my work! In fact, on my release dates, he is going to be issuing reviews of my work on my blog. Don’t worry; he is a totally unbiased source.  You shall see.

Want to know more?  Ask me questions!  Really–I might even answer them. 😉

13 thoughts on “FAQs, part II

  1. I came across another writer’s blog where she had been a lawyer (or some law-related field) and quit after she became a successful writer.

    Would this be something you consider doing, or do you plan on still practicing? Do you think your writing will interfere with your work?

    What was your first romance novel read, and what age did you read it?

  2. Ha, sorry for the 2nd comment, but I would like to say that my first face icon is hilarious! I don’t know if it’s supposed to look sick or silly…???

  3. Taking a cue from Oprah and her O magazine, what are your top five books that have influenced you/impacted you/loved?

    What is one country, or place, you would always love to visit but haven’t?

    And I always think people are interested in FAQs about how you went from unpublished to published, so maybe a short recap of your call story, etc.?

  4. 🙂 I have a question!! What things in real life influence your writing style? Do you find yourself putting neighbors in as characters or anything like that??

    Love the contest idea! 🙂

  5. Hey, Courtney!

    If Proof by Seduction were optioned for movie rights (and I’m sure it will be), who would you envision playing Gareth? And which actress could you see playing Jenny?

    For a serious question – do you see yourself writing anything else beside historical?


  6. Do you take breaks from your writing during the day, or do you sit down and write in one big chunk?

  7. Okay, I think I haven’t answered Janga’s questions yet:

    What is the most useful writing advice you ever received? The least useful?

    Most useful writing advice: Write every day, even if only a little.

    Least useful writing advice: Write to the market, or you’ll never sell.

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