Book II

An update on the status of Book II, which has been called “Ned’s Book” the whole time I’ve been writing it.  The title is tentatively TRIAL BY DESIRE (and since it looks like they are keeping the title for my first book, PROOF BY SEDUCTION, they just might keep this one too!).

This book had given me conniptions in the writing, but I am finally in the homestretch–the point where I slowly, but methodically, plug holes until my head hurts and then I have to take a break and go write a cease and desist letter.  (I joke, I joke!  Mostly.)

I will post more about this book when my editor okays it.  Right now I am afraid to jinx myself.

BUT–excitement abounds! It is April, and is apparently pink!

6 thoughts on “Book II

  1. The pink coloring of the website changes is my favorite so far. I love the tentative title for Ned’s book; I totally understand about not wanting to jinx a book, but I bet your editor loves it. Of course, I also want to read TBD. (Hint, hint.) Congrats on nearing the home stretch!

  2. Luckily, the OED says that the slang dates from 1910–and before that, the name was used fairly widely.

    If I really wanted to make the readers in the UK stamp their feet in protest, I would change the heroine’s name to “Fanny” as well. Because oh yes, the name is period and used quite widely.

  3. Good news, Courtney. I like the title. After you’ve plugged the holes then taken a break, do you go back and give it another go over – or does it go to your editor at that point?

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