False Colors: A Giveaway

So I should be writing, not reading, but I picked up a copy of Alex Beecroft‘s False Colors last night at my local Barnes and Noble, just so I could buy it in that crucial first week–even though I didn’t plan to read it until I had a little more time on my hands.  This book got a straight A from Dear Author (and if you read them, you know how stingy they are with the A grades).

I glanced at the first page. . . .  Gosh.  And then the second, and the third.  Before I knew it, I had stayed up to finish the whole thing.  It was that good.  It was truly brilliant.

This is a book set in the Age of Sail.  The writing is exquisite; the romance is lovely; the research is meticulous; and the action keeps going and going.  It breaks your heart and then keeps going on.  This book does not shy from any of the harsh realities of life at sea in 1762–nor does it dance around the heart of the problem that the protagonists have: In 1762, their love is forbidden, because both characters are male.

I have not read much m/m romance (and this is romance, not erotica or even erotic romance–the sex scenes are tastefully done, and far less explicit than you’d find in a corresponding historical, including mine), but it turns out, I really do read romances just to see characters fall in love.  I absolutely adored this book.  I know that Beecroft had some visibility problems on Amazon earlier this week (cough), and this is seriously the best book I’ve read in 2009.

So, if you are tantalized by this description, but are thinking that maybe you would not go out and purchase it on your own, this is your chance.  Comment on this entry and tell me you want to try something new, different, and awesome, and one commenter, chose at random, will get a copy of Alex Beecroft’s False Colors shipped directly to you from Barnes and Noble, from yours truly.

You have until Friday at 6PM EST to leave a comment.

43 thoughts on “False Colors: A Giveaway

  1. I have never read a M/M but this book sounds great. I think I might need to pick this one up. I wonder if it is out in the UK yet.

  2. Alex is a woman.

    And I believe the term “slash” derives from fan fiction pairings being posted as such:


    The “slash” indicating it’s about a relationship. Don’t quote me on that.

  3. Wow, Courtney, you make this book sound irresistable! (You’re blogs are always fantabulous, by the way.) I’ve got friends who’ve discovered the M/M romance world and really love reading it. Sounds like this is something I need to add to my to-be-read pile. It’s great to see authors working outside the box and finding an appreciative audience!

  4. I want it! I want it bad!

    I want it! Two hot heroes on a tall ship? I am there. There, there, and there for seconds.

    I want it so bad that, even though I would normally refrain from entering your contests on the idea that I should give other people a chance…in this case, I say forget other people! Sign me up!

    (Um, no offense, other people.)

  5. I want it so badly, forget the giveaway, I am going to buy it Right Now.

    Thank you for confirming this is a great romance. I was on the fence, now I have jumped.

    Grabbing keys, out the door.

  6. Okay Courtney I have several factors why I don’t think I’d read this book. One, I’m black, two, I’ve never read a M/M love story, and three, I’ve never read a historical based in this time period or know anything about the Age of Sail. However, from your fantastic comments about this book, I’m willing to overlook all of the above and read it because it sounds like what I love to read…romance

  7. Not only does the term “slash” come from the / in between the character names, but Kirk/Spock was the origin of the term.

    I love Age of Sail, but I don’t think I’ve read any Romance set there before, and I’ve read historical bi romance but not historcal M/M, outside of fanfiction. Since you say it’s well researched, I’d like in.

  8. Sounds fantastic! I’d feel too too guilty snaring it away from your other bloggers, esp. one who adores shipboard romances as much as T. So don’t enter me in your contest. I’ll pay cash (and not at Amazon)

  9. I am all for accurate research and shipboard romance. I, too, was intrigued by the high grade, but haven’t yet purchased it (Mr. Kindle, is, sadly undergoing repairs). I’d love to be entered!

  10. I want to try something new, different, and awesome! I don’t normally go for romances but I’d like to give this one a shot! Thanks!


  11. Wow! If it has the CM stamp of approval, count me in! The blurb sounds wonderful too. Thanks for offering this opportunity. In the sound of a greedy child, “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

  12. I couldn’t resist saying hello, and also OMG!Squee! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading the book and giving it such a lovely review. And thank you even more for running the competition 🙂 I’m very honoured, and I hope whoever wins it enjoys it just as much 😀

  13. I read the review on DA, and together with your comments, I tell ya, I’ve got to try this book. If you don’t happen to choose me as the winner, I’ll still pop down to the bookstore to pick it up.

  14. I’m intrigued. I haven’t read any M/M books with that as the center relationship—I enjoy the M/M subplots in a few other series though, so I’m definitely intrigued. Hoping I win!

  15. Yay Courtney for shining a light on a book you love. And with this, I think I now have an official sub-TBR pile known as the “Courtney says I must read this pile.”

  16. Haven’t read a M/M book but this one sounds like a wonderful story. thanks for the giveaway

    msboatgal at aol.com

  17. Wow, Courtney! You’ve written such a convincing review, I want to read it for that reason alone…although there’s also quite a bit about the story itself I’d find intriguing. Thanks for letting us all know about it!

  18. I would love the chance to read it. Your review/description make it sound interesting. Though this is not a book I would have naturally considered before your blog. Thanks

  19. Courtney
    If you love it that much it really must be something! And I’ve always loved the high seas. I have to agree with MMW — I would not have normally been interested in an M/M romance, but now I’m looking forward to it!
    Thanks for the recommend!

  20. I read Alex Beecroft’s Linden Bay release Captain’s Surrender (definitely read that if you can!) and was really happy to see that Dear Author gave FALSE COLORS such a high mark. M/M love on the high seas . . . well, it can’t get any better. I will definitely be picking this one up.

  21. Oh, wow, Courtney — this book sounds really good. I do want to try something new, different, and awesome. I’ve been meaning to seek out a M/M romance lately, anyway. Thanks for the contest!

  22. “Slash” stands for the / between the two protagonists’ names.

    It started out when somebody or other wrote a story where Kirk and Spock were caught all alone on a planet and *gasp* wouldn’cha know it, Spock goes into Pon Farr and what’s a Captain to do….

    The ordinary, just-good-friends stories were Kirk-Spock (or Kirk-Spock-McCoy, whatever). The sexy ones had to have some other notation, so… Kirk/Spock, Starsky/Hutch, Chapel/Uhura, you name it — “slash” fiction was born.

    These stories became popular amazingly fast, and for about 20 years fan writers were slashing any two characters who even liked each other, and many who didn’t. I’m not even going to start on the Blake’s 7 daisychain.

    And yes, Alex’s writing is WONDERFUL – her first book, Captain’s Surrender, won Linden Bay’s new author competition against a field of m/f romances. The second book in Running Press’s new line is Transgressions, by Erastes — also a stunning writer. These are good historicals, not just good romance or good m/m.

  23. PS to Sarah Anderson … yes, when Amazon’s “glitch” happened, False Colors was #1 and Transgressions was #2.. and they were deranked a day before the others, which is one reason some of us smell a censorious rat.

  24. I want to try something new, different, and awesome! This sounds absolutely fascinating! Thanks so much for the giveaway. :o)

  25. I like to try something new everyday – it keeps me young! Anyhow – this sounds like a great book.

  26. Well, I’ve never read anything like this (outside of fan fiction) but your review made it sound really good and very intriquing, so I would love to give it a try!

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