Today is a holiday!

You might find that surprising, since today is Wednesday, April 29th, and you are not aware of any holidays today.

“Courtney,” you might be saying, “even Google has its regular logo today.  It can’t be a holiday if Google hasn’t changed its logo.  Heck, it isn’t even an obscure artist’s birthday.  It’s not even ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ day.”

These things are all true, on some level.  I admit them all.  But I ignore all these silly indications about “reality” and “calendars.”  You see, it is indeed a holiday over at!  What holiday is it?  It is the silent and invisible holiday of “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” Day.  You can read more about this holiday on my website, where I explain what “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” Day is.  For those of you too lazy to click the link, I copy and paste:

Today is “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” day! Everyone should celebrate by buying a book written by Courtney!

Perhaps you are confused, because yesterday was “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” day, too. In fact, the day before yesterday was also “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” day. But don’t let that stop you. Every day–or, rather almost every day–is “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” day, which is darned inconvenient for purposes of celebrating, since none of Courtney’s books are available for purchase.

You may be wondering . . . is this nothing other than shameless self promotion?  Seriously?  “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” Day?

Ha ha!  Nonsense!  It is more than shameless self promotion!  First, it is shameless and futile self promotion, as I’m exhorting you to do something that is impossible.  Second, the astute will notice that there may be days which are not “Buy a Book Written by Courtney” days.  In fact, several are coming up.  This means there will also be shameless (and hopefully not futile) promotion of others.

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