NQaH: Winner and twitter

Huzzah!  It’s “Buy a Book Not Written by Courtney” Day, and today, the book you should buy is Sherry Thomas’s Not Quite a Husband.  As you can tell from my post yesterday, I loved it!  (If you’re sitting on the fence, read the excerpt from Sherry’s website–I promise you, the book more than lives up to the potential you see there.)

Sherry was nice enough to offer up a copy of Not Quite a Husband for a commenter on yesterday’s post.  And the winner of Sherry’s book is . . . colleen!  Colleen, send me an e-mail at courtney@courtneymilan.com, and we’ll arrange delivery.

But as I’m headed to the bookstore today to get my own copy (yes, I read it early, but I want my very own official copy for my Sherry Thomas collection!), I figured I could pick up two (I’m also getting a copy of Diana Peterfreund‘s eagerly-awaited conclusion to her Secret Society series, Tap & Gown).  So Lesley, send me an e-mail as well!  You’ve won a copy, too.

Now onto the good stuff.  As you might have been able to tell from my last post, I think there’s some fascinating, complicated stuff going on in this book, and I would love to dish about some of it.  I’ve already talked to some people about Sherry Thomas’s newest on twitter, and thought to continue the discussion there.  (There’s already a few threads on it, if you search).

Here’s how you participate:

1. Get a twitter account  (if you don’t already have one)

2. To make sure people can find your tweets, mark your book-club discussion with the hashtag #nqah

3. You can use http://www.tweetchat.com to follow the #nqah hashtag, or search.twitter.com.  If you use tweetdeck or tweetie or almost any other twitter interface, you can create searches.

4. If you post a spoiler, you must encode it in ROT-13 so as not to spoil unsuspecting twitterers.

What’s ROT-13?  ROT-13 encoding is a code.   So you can post spoilers in ROT-13, and they’ll look like this:  Thrff jung! Crbcyr guvax Ybeq Vna vf znq!  That way, people who don’t want to be spoiled can avoid reading anything they don’t want to read.

The easiest way to write/read ROT-13 is to use Firefox and install Leet Key, a plugin that (among other things) can decode ROT-13.  Once you have the plugin installed, you can highlight text in ROT-13 (or the text you want to put into ROT-13), right click with your mouse, choose “Leet Key” then “Text Transformers” then “ROT-13.”  If you don’t use FireFox, or don’t want to install another plugin, you can use this webpage instead.

There is no time that’s too late for discussion.  The #lordian hashtag from the last twitter conversation is still in occasional use.  I imagine there will be talk for at least a week.  So grab the book, read on, and then join in the discussion!