Literacy Signing RWA!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15th, is RWA’s annual literacy signing.  500 authors get together and sign books; all proceeds are to be donated to literacy.  I love the literacy signing; even though the rest of the conference offers free books, I love the idea of paying money to both show my love and support for my favorite authors, meet authors I might never have found on the shelves browsing on my own, and support a great cause while we’re at it.  This will be my third literacy signing.  If you’ve never gone, here are a few helpful hints.

1. Buy Tessa Dare’s debut novel.  You’ll get it two weeks before it releases–and visit early, because she’s sure to sell out.

2. Find books by authors you don’t know.  Look particularly for debut authors, or authors whose books are not shelved in romance–you may find a new favorite author!

3. Look for me and Tessa; you can get your free copy of the Dangerous Book of Excerpts.  Which is exactly what it sounds like.

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