Dangerous Excerpts!

Those of you who were at RWA Nationals know that we had the Dangerous Book of Excerpts–a book that had first chapter excerpts from both me and Tessa Dare–in full force there.  We printed 400 copies, and walked away with maybe 30 between us, total, left over. And that’s only because we didn’t put those 30 out in the Goody Room.

So for those of you who missed out, we made a PDF version of the Dangerous Book. Warning: it’s 1MB in size (and I tried to get it as small as I could–this is down from the initial size of 10MB.  Sorry, but that’s just how it turned out!) Second warning: The original Dangerous Book of Excerpts had the full first chapter of both my novella, “This Wicked Gift,” and my debut novel, Proof by Seduction. But I got special permission from Harlequin to reprint those, as they’re longer than the average 2,500 word excerpt.  Since I only have permission to post up to 2,500 words on my website, this copy contains not quite the full first chapter.  Those of you who got one of those print versions should count yourselves very, very lucky.

Enjoy! Celebrate! And buy Tessa Dare’s July 28th, 2009 release this Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Excerpts!

  1. What a wonderful thing to do! You and Tessa are awesome!

    Have GOTH is on its way to me from the online bookstore. This Wicked Gift is on pre-order & Proof of Seduction on the orderlist for 2010 (yes I already have a 2010 orderlist hehehe).

    And I haven’t even read the excerpts yet. Am afraid to… because of these warnings I’m reading and my craving for instant gratification 😀


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