Inaugural September Website Contest!

So, my article in the RWR (that’s the Romance Writers Report, the official publication of the Romance Writers of America), has apparently started arriving at people’s doors. I have already gotten mail telling me that I am scary. I have also already gotten mail telling me that I am funny. So apparently my article is like a plague of zombies, intent on brains and cracking jokes. I approve!

But more importantly, in my article I promise people that they can visit my website and see a brand-spanking-new contest which may or may not follow the laws of all fifty states. For some reason, I had planned to have my contest start in September. But I had forgotten that the RWR comes out somewhat earlier than the date printed on the spine. I have blog contests, and quite regularly. Mostly I have blog contests because I read books and really, really want other people to read them, so I give away copies.

But my website contest is actually much more selfishly intended: I want you to read my book. And so the prizes for my website contest will always include some very fun things, like chocolate or a gift card, and occasionally, books written by other people, and always, some other very fun things, like a book or a novella written by me.

One last thing: when you enter my website contest, you will also be signed up for my newsletter (if you are already signed up for my newsletter, don’t worry–you can still enter, and so long as you are using the same e-mail address, it will not sign you up twice.) If you don’t want to get my newsletter, you have two options: 1. Don’t enter the contest. or 2. Enter the contest, but then opt-out after the contest closes.

EDIT: Uh, yes. If you want to enter the contest, you can do so here.

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