Surrender of a Siren (and others)

So, today it is officially a holiday on again, and the holiday it is, is Buy a Book Written by Tessa Dare day.  Of course, since you already bought Goddess of the Hunt (you bought Goddess, right?), you already know that, and you are already holding a copy of Surrender of a Siren in your hot little hands. And you have probably not been able to stop yourself from starting it, and marveling both at the amazing beginning (bar fight!) and the phenomenal use of language (“squared-off tea tin of a building”).  So I don’t see why I need to tell you that this book is amazing. It’s very different from Goddess of the Hunt–set on the high seas, instead of at a hunting lodge, with characters who are just meeting, versus characters who have been friends forever–but it is every bit as good . . . in fact, I think it might be better. I tried to explain why when I was explaining why today is a holiday.  I don’t think I managed to capture how I feel about this book.

At this point, I feel that I can’t do much more than beat you over the head with the awesomeness that is Tessa Dare.  If you haven’t read her yet, it’s not for lack of my trying.  So I’m just going to do what we both know is going to happen: I’m going to give away a handful of copies (three, to be precise).

But there are a bunch of books that also come out today that I can’t wait to read:

Many of you know that Surrender of a Siren’s alternate title is “Goats on a Boat.”  Leave a comment today telling me what animal you would take on a boat (and if you would eat green eggs and ham with it) if you had to go on a boat.  Three lucky commenters will get a copy of Goats on a Boat–uh, I mean, Surrender of a Siren, and a fourth commenter will get her choice of one of the three books listed above!  This contest will be open until August 27th, and your chances of winning depend on the number of people who comment.

17 thoughts on “Surrender of a Siren (and others)

  1. I’d take sparkling wine on a boat 😀 and/but more practically… sunblock. Depending on how long I was out on the boat.

    And you’re right – I already have copies of Goddess, and Surrender of a Siren, like a good little girl 😀

    Congratulations to everyone with a new release today!

  2. I would eat green eggs and ham on a boat with Gray any day! Yay for the release of another incredible book in Tessa Dare’s trilogy! Don’t enter me in contest, BTW, am just too excited about SURRENDER OF A SIREN to resist commenting!
    PS I would bring my dog Lico and all three cats, Alice, Smelly, and Tigger.

  3. I don’t think I would take goats on a boat, but maybe I would take a cat – you know they are useful to chase the mice that were on boats. Now we just have 16 ft boat, so there’s not much room for mice or any other animals besides my two boys and DH.

  4. Seriously awesome answers so far. Mho, you are invited on every cruise I ever take. Carey and Bonnie, like you I would have to take my puppy. And Crystal, good choice with the cat–it is am excellent mix of practical and pleasant.

    But Tessa, alas, you know all my secrets….

  5. I think the goats sound practical. Or chickens. Not so imaginative here. I just want the free books. lol. I’ve never lived in close proximity to goats, so I can’t say how smelly they are. But fresh eggs would be nice. A cat for the rats, yes.

  6. I would get kicked off the boat because I would have to take all five of my Bassets. And they would scare the goats and run from the cats…

  7. I do have Goddess of the Hunt, and can’t wait to read Siren!

    What animal would I take with me…have to be my dog. He’s small and portable. If I were a cat person the whole chasing & eating rats would be a good choice. And since you asked if we would eat green eggs and ham I am going to assume I already have chickens on board.

    As far as the green eggs and ham…I would probably be green myself just being on the open sea (the whole seasickness thing) so just looking at something like that would have me running for the siderails… not a pretty picture…gives me the chills just thinking about it.

    Anyways thanks for giving us a chance to win this book, I would love to win!

  8. Taking a cat to kill rats would be a good idea, but I’m allergic to them so I wouldn’t actually want to be stuck in close quarters with one. I think a terrier would be a better weapon against vermin on my boat. And I’d eat the green eggs and share the ham with the dog.

  9. I don’t think I could take any animals on a boat; I’d be too afraid one of them would fall overboard, and I can’t swim. Can I take Jeremy (from GotH) instead?? 😉

  10. I’d take a cat just because I love cats! After a few weeks at sea I’d probably wish I’d brought a goat or cow for the milk, though 😛

  11. The animal I should like to take on a boat is definitely a male of the homo sapiens variety. Preferably Capt. Gray or someone of his ilk. Handy with a rope. Good in a bar fight. Easy on the eyes. Not much else to look at out there on the briny. And most importantly, able to clean up his own *$#@. Other animals can’t do that. And all that green eggs and ham has to go somewhere!

  12. I would take a hen for the eggs. I would eat green eggs and ham only if it was green b/c of food dye.

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