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I’m not sure whether I should be happy or sad, but today is the day when the last book in Tessa Dare‘s debut trilogy will be released.  It’s been a wild ride for me–and I have only been hanging on at the edges, by my fingernails.  At this point, Tessa and I met three years ago; it seems odd that she has now released three books (and, by this point, written 5).

Still, A Lady of Persuasion is a particularly special book.  It’s funny, poignant, and as I’m sure you’re used to by now, the subject of a holiday over at, where I urge you to go and purchase a book written by Tessa Dare today.  A Lady of Persuasion is, I think, the sweetest of her three books, without being saccharine.  It brings all her characters together,  but in a way that is not gratuitous.  It shows all her characters firmly cemented in their happy endings, and it makes you believe, ever so strongly, that they will really make it–not just into some fairy-tale happily ever after, but into the real happily ever after, the one where no matter what life throws at you, you know you’ll survive because you have a partner at your back who will cheerfully watch over you and make sure that nothing gets through.

It’s a book that features two of the strongest secondary characters ever–I won’t name names, for fear of spoiling it, but let me just say that Tessa took the strongest-willed characters from both Goddess of the Hunt and Surrender of a Siren, and made me ache for their happiness.  And then, evil woman that she is, she took that happiness away from them–and then slid it back in place, just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to fill the hunger I had, she let them win it again.

This book also made me laugh, out loud, multiple times.  I could list all the times here, but I would spoil all her best lines.

In short, I’m getting just a little nostalgic thinking about this particular ending.  Tessa has had a brilliant debut trilogy… and she’s going to do it again, with another three books, in May, June, and July of 2010.  Whew!

In the meantime, I will of course continue to promote books I adore on  One thing I have noticed is that because I tend to push books on their release dates, and because I will only push books I have read (I am not going to tell you to buy a book that I do not personally want to read), I have mostly picked books from friends, which I managed to read early.

That’s going to change.  I really adore books, and I want to make sure I highlight amazing books even if it isn’t their release date.  The rule, of course, which I have not yet made explicit, is this: I will always give away at least one copy of a book I promote, which I purchased with my own money.  No free copies from the author (unless she wants to add her own to the copy I purchase–but that’s not necessary)–no solicitation.  After all, if I’m not excited enough about a book to buy TWO copies of the book (one for me, one for you), why should you take my word for anything?

In the future, I’ll be featuring books, not only from friends, and not only books where I’ve seen an advance version.

But for the present: four random commenters will win a copy of Tessa Dare’s A Lady of Persuasion.

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  1. Okay, I love just reading your opinions of the books. We have very similar tastes. In fact, if not for a chat on Twitter between you and Elyssa Papa about Not Quite A Husband I never would’ve gotten to read the magic of Bryony-probably one of my fave heroines of all time. Her hero was also grand.

    I can’t wait for this one!! And I love, love, love REAL happy endings. Hard for me to buy into it if they never face hardhsip or rocky patches.

  2. trawling the internet for a book for mum’s birthday.. 5th October. This is one I was looking out for!
    Mum usually sends the books to me when she has finished.. so I choose carefully!!!
    ha ha

  3. Hi Courtney 🙂
    I have Goddess of the Hunt & I loved it.
    I am looking forward to the other two books in the series. I really liked how they published them one a month. I am enthralled with Tessa’s writing.
    Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for her novels.
    I am consoled with the fact that I’ll be able to read another trilogy one-a-month next year.
    To any commentors after me: Get Tessa’s books. You will be hooked from page one!
    All the best,

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful comments about the book. It sounds amazingly awesome. I have yet to read one of Tessa’s books but you’ve got my interest piqued!

  5. After following Tessa on Twitter I am very excited to read her books! She is such a sweet lady that I am so excited to start her series (I ordered the first two from Amazon!! Let’s go UPS guy!!! )

  6. Great post. I’ve read Goddess of the Hunt and enjoyed it. I haven’t read Surrender of a Siren yet but it’s on my to-be-read list. So many good books and so little time.

  7. Hi Courtney!

    I’ve so far only read GODDESS and totally loved it. I devoured it in two days! Next time I get to the store, I’ll be picking up SIREN. And then, of course, reading LADY!

    Eagerly awaiting the release of your debut book too! 🙂

  8. So looking forward to this day and this book. Love, love, loved the two other stories in the trilogy and have marked out ‘reading time’ for LOP this weekend. Cheers to Tessa for an awesome debut. And cheers to Courtney for being such an awesome promoter of ‘books she did not write herself.” When (hint, hint) is it your turn?

  9. I feel like I’ve been waiting for A Lady of Persuasion forever! I first find out about Tessa through Julia Quinn’s website highlighting new book. And then I was hooked! I loved Goddess and Siren and can’t wait to finish the trilogy
    I love how authors support each other. If it wasn’t for JQ i wouldn’t have found Tessa, then I wouldn’t have found Courtney! Can’t wait for book!

  10. You comments about your friendship with TD are so touching. It’s not in what you say, but how you say it. I can’t wait to read ALOP- going out to get it today- and I look forward to all 3 heroines being together. I love books about women friends. I love women friends in general 😉 And I look forward to more book reviews on this blog.

  11. A Lady of Persuasion is my favorite of the trilogy, although I love all the Friends books. It is the best rake and reformer book since Mary Jo Putney’s classic 20 years ago.

  12. I absolutely adored GOTH. As soon as I sat down to read it, I felt comfortable…like I knew both the author and the characters already. They felt like home. That very, very rarely happens for me with authors who haven’t been published for many, many years. To me, it is a sign of a very gifted debut author, and I can’t wait to see what else Tessa Dare brings to us. I’ll be heading to the store later to buy the next two, to complete the trilogy.

  13. I’m glad someone else is feeling quite sentimental today about the release of A Lady of Persuasion. I’ve fallen so in love with all these characters and as much as I can’t wait to read this one, I get a little emotional about saying “goodbye” to them when it’s all over. It’s like that with the best books, and Tessa Dare’s are some of the best I have read – her writing is magical and her characters enchanting. She definitely has a gift, and is blessed to have such wonderful fellow-author friends who support her so splendidly.

  14. Yay, I’m so happy that book #3 is here! I think this is a great trilogy, and while it’s sad to see it end, it’s been fun to read each story… I’ve laughed and smiled from the beginning with Lucy and Jeremy *bg*

  15. You just reminded me it’s today Courtney. I really gotta go out and see if my bookstores have her books yet – I’ve been so stuck inside studying =)

  16. I just finished Goddess of the Hunt on your recommendation and WOW! What an awesome debut. One of the strongest openings I’ve read in a Regency (and that’s truly saying something). I can’t wait to read this one! Congrats Tessa (and I also did a little squeal for when I saw Courtney in the acknowledgments!).

  17. I’m rather impatiently waiting for A LADY OF PERSUASION to show up in my local store. They usually stock on Wednesdays. I plan to be there. 🙂
    As excited as I am to read this book, like you, I know I’ll also dread that final page because it means I’ll have to wait until next year before I can once again savor the deliciousness of a brand new Tessa Dare story. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be re-reading the first trilogy and introducing new readers to the delights of Tessa’s exquisite writing.


  18. I love reading recommendations for great books. I have two of Tessa’s books on my TBR pile, and I’m looking forward to picking up her latest.

  19. Hi Courtney,
    Can’t wait to read Lady of Persuasion. Like you I am sad that this trilogy will be done with this book and that we will have to wait until next year for more books by Tessa Dare. Loved your thoughts on it, which makes me even more impatient to read.

    I so admire that you are featuring books that you loved even though it’s a blog and website for your own books and look forward to seeing what other picks you have. You haven’t picked a bad one yet! And BTW congrats on your own release!


  20. I can’t wait to read A LADY OF PERSUASION.I think this is a great trilogy and I hate to see it end. Tessa is such an awesome writer, I can’t wait to see what else she will have out for us.

  21. Thank you SOOOO much for promoting and giving away my book yet AGAIN, Courtney. You are the best! And thanks to everyone who left lovely comments. I hope the winners enjoy the book!

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