Next Generation Linking

I’ve posted before about the PHP script I wrote to generate links to the major online retailers.

This was helpful to some people (who did not quail at the sight of a PHP script). It was not helpful to others, who did not have the ability to run PHP on their site, or didn’t want to mess around with PHP for whatever reason (lots of good reasons: not wanting to run strange code; not wanting to run PHP at all; running WordPress where the plugins allowing the execution of PHP interfere with the WYSIWYG editor).

I’ve now set up my PHP script to generate HTML code for everyone else. Insert an ISBN; press a button; it will generate code that you can copy and paste into your website or even your WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

I’ll be refining this script over the next month or two.  I do this in my copious spare time–I have a day job, and also, I am lucky enough to have writing contracts with deadlines, so my copious spare time is something like “half an hour occasionally on the weekends.”  When it’s sufficiently robust, I am going to write a simple plugin so that those of you running WordPress can link to multiple retailers with one button click, from within WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Next Generation Linking

  1. Did not understand word 1 of this post, but no matter: dropped in to say I really enjoyed the ‘Why I Write’ piece at Dear Author. Cute author photo, and I love the highly technical term ‘a snarkful of ___’.
    Me, I’m currently sweating into my own head of hog…

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