Another review!

I have another review, and this time, there are multiple stars! In this case, though, they are not gold but pink, and there is not one of them, but four-and-a-half (as well as a TOP Pick).

Ahem. In any event, RT Book Reviews (full text behind a paywall–for now–I’m sorry, but it will be available to all in mid-December when the next issue comes out) has this to say about Proof by Seduction:

Here is a dazzling debut by a multitalented author who thrills readers with a twist on a traditional plot and truly unforgettable characters. Milan steams up the pages while drawing readers into an emotionally powerful relationship centering on the true meaning of love. Completely satisfying, this is a book meant for all time.

I had to read that several times–first, to read it; then, in growing disbelief, and finally, a third time, to make sure they were really talking about my book.

RT also has an author spotlight on me in the current issue; you can read it here (and again, I’m so sorry this is hidden behind a paywall), or you can pick up a copy of the magazine in stores. There’s a story in there about how I found my heroine’s name, and an exclusive excerpt that isn’t available anywhere else (except, er, my book).

But speaking of exclusive content–I recently received word that Proof by Seduction would be available from Rhapsody Book Club. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rhapsody, they hand-pick romances and produce them in beautiful format–hardback books, more durable than paperbacks. Victoria Dahl and I interviewed each other for Rhapsody–and that is content you won’t want to miss, as it covers such vital and important territory as the use of feather boas in writing, and the Ultimate Writer’s Food. I think the whole interview should be going on the web; I’ll be sure to link it here.

7 thoughts on “Another review!

  1. Congratulations on such an awesome review! Even in a small excerpt it’s wonderful. Can’t wait to read the entire review. I’d say the words “a book meant for all time” would be awfully hard to top as a form of praise. Your debut is one I’m really looking forward to.

  2. Thank you, Tammy! I worry that maybe this is all going to get expectations way too high. “A book meant for all time” is nice and good, but all I hope is that the book holds its own for the hours it takes to read it.

  3. Courtney, that’s a wonderful review! You practically got the ‘immortal genius’ line that Mr. Milan insisted you were after.

    Can’t wait to read the book – I’m a newly-converted Sherry Thomas fan and looking for more smart romantic books.

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