I’m fairly certain…

I have the best friends ever.

Tessa Dare and a bunch of other people have teamed up to create the 12 days of Proof by Seduction. This was done entirely without my knowledge; I was holed up in an undisclosed location attempting to write while they plotted the whole thing. Apparently this will involve a song, with 12 verses (are you scared? I am scared!), and autographed giveaways from a ton of historical authors (Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Anna Campbell, Sherry Thomas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Sara Lindsey, Julie Anne Long, Carolyn Jewel, Victoria Dahl, Jennifer Haymore, and of course Tessa Dare herself).

So, frequent Tessa’s blog. And watch Twitter. Or something. I wish I knew what was going to happen, but right now, you know as much as I do.

Also, I have some other things that will be going up on my site in the next few days, so keep an eye out for them!

8 thoughts on “I’m fairly certain…

  1. Don’t get your expectations too high! LOL. The verses are just as short as they are in the original song. They are also highly inaccurate, and I anticipate much huffy tweeting from your quarter: “There are way more than THREE of those in the book!” etc.

    On New Year’s, I’m going to make you whistle the whole song. And record it on video with my iphone. Because that’s the kind of friend I am. 🙂

  2. Things there are more than three of in the book:

    * oranges
    * elephants

    …okay. Drawing a complete blank here on anything else.

    As for the rest, it is impossible to laugh and whistle at the same time, which will undoubtedly either (a) make the whole endeavor useless or (b) make the video insanely funny.

  3. See, now we’ll be hearing “but there are way MORE than two of those!” And “How could there *possibly* be nine of those? What is she, an octopus with polydactyly?”

    My goal will be to make you aspirate your mimosa on tape.

  4. Oh, just wait until you see the song tweets. *evil grin* But if you do record a song, I think you need to post that on YouTube. It could become wildly popular.

    But I’m so excited that PROOF’s release date is almost here! It’s going to be awesome, and I just *know* that so much success is headed your way. So happy for you!

  5. Miss Courtney, keep writing! I want another CM to read! You HAVE got lovely friends! And you’ve got a fabulous debut to promote. So I think it’s win-win all round, including for the people who win all those signed books. Happy Christmas!

  6. Courtney,

    What a fabulous promotion for your book & congrats again on the great reviews. I’m anxious to read Proof and promise to take a photo of your book on the shelf at my local B&N (lucky moi – it’s only 5 min away). Have a wonderful holiday.

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