SO I just realized I forgot to pick a winner of the Completely Serious Compendium of Utterly Dire Events. In part this is because shortly after posting that post, a Dire Event happened to me–namely, my laptop got stolen–and I’ve been in panic mode ever since.

But panic has been averted, and here I am, picking a winner.

And the winner that draws for the commenters is….  COURTNEY MILAN!

Uh. Oops. (Really. drew me. Thanks, Random.) It turns out that winner already has a handful of copies of that book.

So, the, uh, second runner up: it’s Jeannie Lin! Congratulations, Jeannie.

For the rest of you, I am at the Eloisa James/Julia Quinn bulletin board all month, answering questions, talking about dogs, and telling you what I’m reading. Come by and say hello.

3 thoughts on “Winners

  1. I won! I won! Thanks Courtney. I will cherish my sepia-covered copy.

    I couldn’t check back until now due a series of events of my own. Nothing as dire as losing a laptop though.

  2. Just got your book. I saw the ad for it on Smart Bitches Trashy Books with the endorsement from JQ and clicked…then read the excerpt on your website and decided I had to have it immediately! I bought it online ( and am now settling in for what promises to be a very cozy evening 🙂

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