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It’s February 2, and it feels as if I have been waiting for this day forever! The awesomely brilliant Sara Lindsey has been my partner in crime for many, many years. Together, we have undertaken the following Extremely Important Tasks:

  • Inserting citrus fruit into opportune portions of our manuscript
  • Made cut-out goats and browbeaten complete strangers into delivering them to friends of ours
  • Performed various and sundry forms of voodoo, with surprising effect
  • Employed pots of chocolate, and feathers, with aplomb

In all these things, I have to admit that Sara Lindsey–as a general rule–has completely and utterly surpassed all unreasonable expectations. It should not surprise you that Sara Lindsey and I have our debut novels out within scarcely a month of each other. It also should not surprise you that her debut novel, like everything else she has ever done in her life, is a fabulously awesome tour de force. It’s fun. It’s wonderful. It’s exciting. There are explosions, even!

But even better than the fun parts of this book–and Promise Me Tonight will have you giggling like a little girl at various parts–are the parts where you’ll feel all the emotional connection with characters that you want from a romance.

That’s why today is “Buy a Book Written by Sara Lindsey Day” over at It’s also why I’m giving away three copies of Promise Me Tonight on this post to random commenters. And, for yet another chance to win, I’m giving away Sara’s debut novel along with my own for this month’s website contest.

Or, you can buy Promise Me Tonight from: Indiebound | Borders | Amazon | Powell’s | B & N.

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