Catch up, giveaway, et cetera!

So I am woefully behind. I have a stack of books many books high that I need to give away–and after I missed the first week of them (there were three that week!) the stack has only gotten larger, and my resolve to tackle the pile has shriveled to pea size. Nevertheless, over the course of the next week and a half I will be getting rid of Every. Single. One.

Seriously. You should believe me.

So, first things first. I am woefully late in announcing the winners from the Double Mistress giveaway, which was, like, two months ago:

Bonnie Ferguson: Susan Gee Heino’s Mistress by Mistake
Collie: Maggie Robinson’s Mistress by Mistake

And speaking of two months ago! June was a month that saw a lot of really amazing romances. I meant to post about all of these books individually, and give them away individually, but they were all released on the same day and in my fluzzombottomnation (that is totally a word) about not deciding which to post about first, and which to do when, I ended up not posting about any of them at all, which was a wretched state of affairs. In any event, here goes: June giveaway, in August!

  • One Dance with a Duke (three copies). I loved Tessa Dare’s first trilogy a lot–but in all honesty, I think that in reading her second trilogy I can see all the ways that she has grown as a writer since then. One Dance with a Duke has all of the amazing writing, amazing chemistry, and amazing characterization that I saw in Goddess of the Hunt, Surrender of a Siren, and A Lady of Persuasion–but it also has something more. I’m not sure what to call it, but there’s a certain depth to this book–and to every book in this trilogy–that is new. This is not to imply that the other books were shallow–far from it! Just that I found myself identifying with Amelia far more strongly than I had identified with any of the characters in her prior trilogy. Amelia’s a woman who just wants to make things come out right. She wants her brother, who is hurting, to heal; when she meets Spencer, the hero of the book, she quickly intuits that his arrogance is a cover for a deeper social anxiety, one that she wants to make better. She’s an extraordinarily loving, and lovable, individual. What makes this book so wonderful for me is that Tessa shows how this quality is simultaneously both her greatest strength, and yet an incredible weakness. I really loved seeing Amelia’s journey, and I adored this book!

    I adored it so much I have three copies to give away. I did not buy them all at the same time, and yet every time I encountered this book at the store I ended up picking up a copy. It was irresistible–much like Amelia and Spencer!

  • The Irish Warrior, by Kris Kennedy. This book pretty much freaking rocked. If I were trying to describe it to someone, I think I would call it a medieval adventure. With explosions. Of both the literal and the hoo-boy-does-the-hero-rock-her-world variety. Finian is just an incredible hero–strong, stalwart, and once he realizes how much he wants and needs Senna, utterly willing to do anything and everything just to have her. He’s Irish, and Kris writes him with just that added bit of flair–no random bits of Irish dialect thrown in to fake the Irishness, but the rhythm and cadence of his speech just lulls you into the feel of the accent. You could sleep to the sound of his voice… If, that is, the rest of the story let you. But it doesn’t. Senna and Finian are in serious trouble: they are hunted by the English Lord Rardove. They’re going to win.

    This book beat me out in the 2008 Golden Heart–and I completely, utterly understand why. It’s compelling, incredibly so, and unputdownable. I have two copies of it.

  • Skin Tight, by Ava Gray. If you read Skin Game, you already know how awesome Ava Gray is. But, seriously, Skin Tight is a step above that. The hero, Foster, has an insidious, painful power: when he touches a woman, she stops seeing him. In his place, she sees the man she most wants. A less honorable man would doubtless take advantage of this power, sleeping his way through a swath of womankind. But to Foster, it’s a curse. Nobody ever sees him for himself. Nobody ever wants him for himself. The fact that every woman sees him as her fondest wish is a living nightmare. He doesn’t dare touch any woman, and the more he wants her, the more he knows he cannot lay hands on her–because once he does, he’ll destroy everything she sees in him.

    He’s a lonely, desperate man, and Mia Sauter–a brilliant accountant–is just the woman to see past his dark facade. I don’t want to say too much about this book, but I read it in one, long gulp, unable to put it down. And then when I was done, I went back and read parts again–and again–and again. This is the mark of true genius, and Ava Gray truly delivers.

    I have two copies of Skin Game to give away.

  • Tempting the Marquess, by Sara Lindsey. Sara is fast becoming my go-to author for sexy, sweet historicals. Tempting the Marquess is no exception. This book is laugh-out-loud funny and warm and at the same time deeply emotional. It’s about Jason Traherne, who is mourning his wife’s death, and about Olivia Weston–who is both fanciful and practical, all at the same time, who wants him both as knight in shining armor, and as the wretched man that he is. Olivia well and truly tames Jason.

    Also, this book contains one of my favorite tropes ever. I would say more, but it would be a spoiler. Let’s just say, all you need to do is tell me this thing occurs and I will walk to the cash register, book in hand.

    I have one copy of TTM to give away. In fact, I’m sure I have more, but I have no clue where the other copy went. I suspect Mr. Milan is reading it on the sly.

  • His at Night, by Sherry Thomas. Like all of Sherry’s books, His at Night is gorgeously written. But this book is more than that: it also has the most complex plot that I’ve seen from her yet. Lord Vere is a man who everyone in society thinks is an idiot. He’s not, though; he’s only pretending. He’s been pretending for years–so long that he almost doesn’t even remember who he is anymore, himself, and has had to invent imaginary friends to keep him company.

    Elissande knows everything about pretending. Her uncle–who is psychologically cruel, and inventively vindictive–has convinced everyone he is a saint and a martyr. She knows better. It’s not casual abuse that he deals in; he strikes hard, to the center of who the characters are. He keeps her aunt addicted to opium, unable to flee; every time Elissande begins to enjoy something, he takes it from her. And so when she meets idiotic Lord Vere, instead of seeing a moron, she sees escape: A man she can trap into marriage, and a marriage that will free her and her aunt from the nightmare that they live in.

    Lord Vere, of course, is not best pleased to be so used, and the path that the characters take to find the truth of themselves is truly awe-inspiring to watch.

    I have one copy of His at Night to give away.

So there you have it. You have 48 hours. Leave your name in the comments, listing any and all books you might want, and I will announce the winners on Thursday, and announce the next set of giveaways as well!

Courtney Milan writes historical romances, which might lead people to think that she could be cool. In reality, she's about four different kinds of geeky. At present, this blog is where Courtney applies semi-dormant geek skills to publishing.

33 thoughts on “Catch up, giveaway, et cetera!

  1. I already own Skin Tight, it was one of those where, when I reach the last page, I immediately turn back to the first and keep reading.

    All of these sound fascinating, but the most tempting one would be Tempting the Marquess. Partly because I want to know what trope has you so won over, and partly because I want to see what kind of romance novel could get your husband to steal it away.

  2. Would love TTM and Skin Tight.

    Already have the others, though I’ve not yet read the Irish Warrior. Bump, bump it goes, up the TBR list…

  3. Greedy girl that I am, I would like One Dance with a Duke, Skin Tight, Tempting the Marquess (must discover the trope), and His at Night.

  4. I would say any and all except I’ve already read The Irish Warrior and One Dance with a Duke. And yes, they both rocked my world. I’d love to win His at Night, though or really, any of the others.

  5. I would love a copy of The Irish Warrior. I have been hearing a lot of raves about this one.

  6. I already have One Dance with a Duke (AMAZING), so I would love to win:

    His at Night
    The Irish Warrior
    Tempting the Marquess

    Thank you for your insightful posts, Courtney! I always enjoy reading them when they pop up on my RSS feed. 🙂

  7. Tempting the Marquess sounds great, as does The Irish Warrior and Skin Tight. I already have One Dance and His at Night (which was, as you said, fan-freaking-tastic!). Can’t wait for your next one to be released 🙂

  8. You’re right there have been SO many great releases this summer. I have read all of them except for The Irish Warrior and Skin Tight, but I have Skin Tight in my TBR mountain.

    I would love to be in the running for The Irish Warrior. I have heard such great things about this book, and have to admit that I have a big soft spot for Irish heroes. There aren’t enough of them in historical romances in my opinion!

    How was the rest of your UK trip? We didn’t get any more updates about more adventures with cows 🙂

  9. Ummm. Any of them? All of them? 😀

    I’ll narrow it down to His at Night (b/c I love, love Pimpernel types who aren’t the idiots them seem) or Tempting the Marquess (b/c the H and H sound good and b/c now I’m curious about your favorite trope). Okay, and also The Irish Warrior because I like to see what becomes of the Golden Heart winners.

  10. “Laugh-out-loud funny and warm” sounds good. Put me in the running for Tempting the Marquess?

  11. How am I supposed to decide between these amazing stories? D: I would love any of them! 🙂

    Top 3 would be: One Dance with a Duke, The Irish Warrior, or Skin Tight.

  12. What fun! And being behind is all forgiven when you’re off researching and writing great stories. I’d be interested in “Tempting the Marquess”

  13. I already have (read and reviewed!) One Dance With a Duke. It was amazing. ^_^

    I would love to read all of those other titles. The Irish Warrior and Skin Game top the list, though. ^_^

  14. I’m going to be greedy!!

    I want His At Night or ANYTHING by Tessa Dare! I hate having to wait for things to come out on the shelves in Ireland and the UK and I’ve been reading the reviews and lusting. . . Seriously, lusting to read them!

  15. I’ve only read Sherry Thomas’ book. I would like to have One Dance With the Duke, Skin Tight, The Irish Warrior, Tempting the Marquess.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I’ve read, reviewed, and actually have two copies of Tessa’s ODwaD, so any of the others! Love reading your posts, and sorry I couldn’t get to the Harlequin signing at RWA, but happy I at least got to meet you at the literacy signing. I’m looking forward to delving into the novella.

  17. I’d love a copy of either Skin Game or One Dance with A Duke. They both seem like compelling reads (they all do, quite frankly, but those two especially stood out to me 🙂 ).

  18. I’ve read His At Night and it was a particular favorite. Tempting the Marquis is in my TBR pile.

    I’d like a copy of either The Irish Warrior, Skin Tight or One Dance With a Duke.

  19. I would love to be entered to win either One Dance with a Duke, Skin Game, Tempting the Marquess and His At Night.

  20. They all sound wonderful! I <3 Romance! I would like to sign up for One Dance with a Duke since I know you wax on about Tessa Dare. Also, Irish Warrior since I love Irish romances.

  21. Awesome contest! All of these, except the Ava Gray title, are on my to-be-read list. My book buying budget has been greatly constrained lately, so winning any of them would make that reading much more of a reality- or at least make it happen sooner.

  22. I would love, love, love… to get One Dance with a Duke–I have most of the other books already, and while I have a pretty, shiny, signed copy of Tempted Twice by a Rogue, I cannot start to read it until I read the first in the trilogy… so, really, it would be an act of kindness.

    *polishing halo*

  23. Hello Courtney. I have to say, your recommendations are great. I definitely take note of it when you say you like a book. “The Irish Warrior,” “Taming the Marquess,” “Skin Tight” and “His at Night.” (I already have One Dance with a Duke–it is a wonderful book, and whoever wins it or goes out and buys it is in for a treat!)

  24. Thanks for the great giveaway, Courtney! Since I already have the Tessa Dare and Sherry Thomas books, I’d love to win Skin Tight. I wouldn’t mind a copy of Tempting the Marquess or The Irish Warrior either.

  25. Me, again. Just wanted to thank you for a sleepless night 🙂 as I devoured SKIN GAME (altho I generally don’t read contemporaries). Skin Tight bumps to the top of my list now.

  26. All of these books are ones I want to read!
    Skin Game is at the top of my to-buy list! I read the first in the series and loved it!

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