So, I got my author copies of Trial by Desire last Friday.

Getting author copies is always a huge deal. They’re shiny and pretty–even more shiny and pretty in person than you can imagine from the cover. This book is even more striking in person than Proof by Seduction was. They’ve used a spot gloss on the cover to highlight the name of the book, and on the spine, so that the image of my heroine’s face on the spine is shiny. (In fact, I think the spine for Trial by Desire is much, much, MUCH prettier than Proof‘s.)

The first thing I did was sign a copy to Mr. Milan. The inscription reads like this: “To my most wonderful: May you appreciate all of this book’s brilliance, and overlook all the bad parts.” Then I signed a copy to my older brother, since I dedicated the book to him. I signed some more copies for some other wonderful people who deserve it.

Finally, I spent a few days, hugging all the copies (but gently! gently!), and building forts with them (again, gently!), and otherwise reveling in being surrounded by many, many copies of my book.

But, alas. It is time for me to let go. And that means I’m going to be giving away not one, not two, but three copies of this book. One of those copies will be here on this blog: all you have to do to get it is leave a comment on this blog entry on either today (Wednesday the 25th) or tomorrow (Thursday the 26th), and be one of the randomly chosen people. A second copy will be given away on twitter: all you have to do is send me an @reply, saying “Courtney, I want to win a copy of Trial by Desire!”–one of you will be randomly chosen as the winner by today at noon, PST.. The third copy will be given away on Facebook, to one of the people who likes my new Facebook author page, by this Friday (the 27th) at noon. The only rule is this: if you win in one venue, you’ll be disqualified from winning in the others–it’s only fair, after all.

So there you have it: three ways to win a very, very early copy of Trial by Desire. Enjoy!

47 thoughts on “TRIAL BY DESIRE: giveaway

  1. I liked you on Facebook last week.I already replied on Twitter. Trying my luck here as well. And if my luck goes its usual route, there’s always the bookstore.

  2. I don’t need a copy but I have to LOL at the hugging and building of forts. 🙂 I’m not sure I’d be able to give any of the precious-es away.

  3. I’m with MaryK. If I remember correctly, you also built a fort with your author copies of The Heart of Christmas.

    I’m trying to wrangle a copy here, and on Twitter. But, well, if I’m unlucky, I’ll try to wait 34 more days. :]

    PS — Your Proof by Seduction is out of stock at Book Depository. 🙁 I’ve wanted a physical copy for so long.

  4. I’ve pre-ordered Trial, but I am impatient! Would love to figuratively throw my name in the metaphorical hat. I am spreading the word about liking you, really really liking you, on FB. Love the new author page!

  5. Courtney, I’d love a copy of Trial by Desire, if you can stand to free the wee ones out into the world. :o)

  6. I’m here, I’m here! I mean, I want I want? Oh, bother it. I haven’t been cheerleader peppy for years now and I promise, it’s not a pretty sight. *clears throat* I’d like a chance to win the book, please.

    …that’s better.

  7. Hi Courtney!
    Congrats on receiving your author copies–very exciting! I read Proof of Seduction earlier this year and loved it. I can’t wait to read Trial by Desire, so of course, I’d like to be entered to win an early copy! Thanks. 🙂

  8. Hi Courtney! I have been waiting for this book for months… since March.
    I would like to be entered to win an early copy of Trial By Desire.

    Thanks! And Congrats.

  9. I’ve been waiting ever since I read the last page of Proof. And waiting impatiently ever since I realized this was Ned’s story. Getting it early would just make my whole month. 🙂

  10. Sometimes I wish I tweeted or “Facebooked” (and this would be one of those times, of course!), but then I shake my head and go on with my day. I’m on the computer way too much as it is, what with blogging and emailing. And then there’s work — EEK! I type for a living, so I spend most hours of each weekday on this computer. I can’t imagine adding FB or Twitter into the mix too. How do YOU get a book written (let alone read)???

  11. Dear Courtney,

    I want so much to win a copy of Trial by Desire! One of the reasons is that I already know I’ll love it. The fact that you spend quality time on research speaks for itself.

    I missed the Twitter deadline and will try for your Facebook pages. Will stop back to read more but enjoyed your friend’s tip to (paraphrased) “…live on the cheap…” if a writer.

    Am writing mostly reviews and essays. Reviewed a Historical Novel Trilogy and invite you to visit my Websites. How Fun it would be to win your book to review.

    Best wishes,

    ~Sharlet Liebel

  12. *crossing fingers*

    (though it’s probably greedy to even enter, since I just won a copy of One Dance with a Duke from you a couple of weeks ago)

  13. Like Aislinn not expecting much but I’m trying my luck at all my options. Love to get my hands on a copy of the book, especially as it will be a while until released here in UK.

    Thanks so much.

  14. Sign me up. I was already looking forward to reading it before your blog post on how to treat characters from past books and now I am even more intrigued.

  15. Missed the Twitter contest but am entering here and on facebook to better my chances. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Hurrah! Giveaways! 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to the book… winning it would be icing on the cake.

  17. Okay, on your last contest (just a few blog entries away) I won–for the second time–and promised I’d recuse myself from your next contest…unless you were giving away Trial by Desire. Having given myself that loophole, I’m back! No Twitter or Facebook accounts, so this is my lone entry. But I already have this on my Amazon wish list anyway so one way or another….!! And I already have the TbD bookmark to use while reading this!

  18. I adored PROOF and have been eagerly waiting another fix of your very awesome voice! 🙂 Book covers are a love of mine. My favs are the vinatge Johanna Lindsey’s crafted by Robert Mcginnis (he also did James Bond posters, too.) The cover for PROOF was divine and now that you’ve raved over TRIAL’s, I’m really hungry for a copy!

    I think it’s sweet you autograph copies for your Mr. Milan. 🙂 When you get the box of books, do you take a pic for your office wall? I bet getting that delivery was a delight!

  19. I would love to win a copy of Trial by Desire. Now that Mr. Milan has his copy, will he be giving us a review? I sure hope so :-).

  20. Courtney, I want to win a copy of Trial by Desire!

    I am afraid of Facebook, and I am still trying to figure out twitter, so this may be my only shot!

  21. Oh I would love an early copy. Even though, Trial by Desire is supposed to come out the day I leave for my Disney World vacation! Yeah!! So if I don’t win, I’ll just read it on my way to Florida.

    Edit: I fixed it, but I initially wrote Trail by Desire not Trial. That’s one of those mistakes even spell check won’t catch!!

  22. I think I might be a little later for the contest, but if you’re still holding it, I’d love to be able to win a copy of Trial By Desire.

    Congrats on receiving your author’s copies! 🙂

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