TRIAL: Two weeks away!

We are now at the T-13 days mark for Trial by Desire–and if my experience with Proof by Seduction is at all any indication, my guess is that means that Trial is going to start sneaking onto some bookstore shelves pretty darned soon–before the release date.

In any event, in celebration of breaking the two-week mark, I have also posted a free ultra-short story–a prequel to Proof by Seduction that I wrote a while back that involves Madame Esmerelda’s predictions for the New Year. Next week, you’ll get another one–another short prequel to Proof. And the week after that… well, you’ll get Trial, but you’ll get something else, too, so be sure to visit then.

But I’m sure you want to hear more about Trial. Booklist (the American Library Association’s review publication) just released a starred review for Trial by Desireone that absolutely blew me away:

Milan deftly incorporates realistic historical grit in her coverage of the Opium Wars, social candor in her treatment of domestic violence, and stunning emotional depth in the mesmerizing plot, and the result is an exquisitely sensual and unforgettable romance by one of the genre’s incandescent new stars.

A review like that almost makes me want to read the book–which says something, seeing as how I already know how it ends. πŸ˜‰ (Actually, it also makes me want to manage expectations: to say, “You know, ‘incandescent’ might be a little strong–how about just ‘faintly glimmering’ instead?”)

Finally, the winners of Proof by Seduction from my last post: Julie, kimmie lange, Angela, Robin K, and Stacey. Send your snail-mail to and these will go out in the mail.

Er: I’ve edited this to add one last thing. For those who want to read the official prequel, such as it is, my novella, “This Wicked Gift,” in The Heart of Christmas is now on sale in e-version for $3.89 at Amazon (for Kindle and related applications) and Barnes & Noble (Nook, et al).

9 thoughts on “TRIAL: Two weeks away!

  1. Love the story! Aww, and today is boiled beef day. Perfect.

    Congrats on the wonderful review. I am sure it is well-deserved! Though boo, I pre-ordered Trial and won’t get it until the official release date. T-13 and counting…

  2. That review is spot on! You completely blew me away. And gee, I act surprised. Everything you write blows me away. But I guess the surprise is every book gets better, which seems impossible since the one before it was perfect. The critical acclaim you are amassing is well-deserved. Fantastic Amazing Stupendous book is Trial by Desire.

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