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Hi. It’s been a busy last few weeks, and I promise I will resume regular blogging soon, as soon as I manage to get rid of this nasty cold.

I know the question on everyone’s mind is this: when is Mr. Milan going to post his review? I don’t have an answer to that. He wrote a review a week ago, but… it was filled with spoilers. I mean, filled with them. I was aghast. So I’m making him redo it, and sadly, Mr. Milan has to work. (I say “sadly” because this takes him away from vital activities, like reading and writing reviews and doing my laundry. But this helps keep my dog in dog treats, so I suppose it is necessary.)

In the meantime, I’ve heard many a tale of woe from people about not being able to find Unveiled in various bookstores. If you haven’t heard, things in publishing and bookselling right now are…well, to call them “unstable” would probably be a little kind. Let’s just say that some elements of publishing and/or book-selling appear to be poised for imminent doom. And while I’m not naming names, if you read publishing news, you can probably tell who or what appears to be on the border. *cough*


In any event, I have heard that it may be harder to find Unveiled then usual. (In fact, it has been harder for me to find it, too.) This is actually true for a lot of books that were released this month, and not just Unveiled, so this advice goes for any book you want to read and can’t find. So here’s how you can deal with this:

  1. Go to the information desk at the store that doesn’t have the book, and request that the store order the book in. This will take somewhere between a few days to a week to deliver. I know this is a pain in the behind.
  2. Order the book online. There’s Amazon, but I also suggest Borders, Barnes & Noble, Powellโ€™s, or ordering through your local romance-friendly indie (check Indiebound).
  3. Buy the e-book. There are a ton of buying choices here–kindle, nook, and kobo are the obvious ones, but there are also indie e-book sellers (All Romance Ebooks, for instance, has Unveiled available for $3.50 for the next 3 days, and I am a big fan of Books on Board).

Right now, everyone’s still sorting out distribution as best as possible. If I had my way, this book would be available everywhere in mass quantities. But then, if I had my way, there would be a thriving bookstore on every corner. Clearly, I am not having my way.

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the publishing world, and it’s easy to get caught up in the bad news. But I really believe that no matter what happens, people will still want to read good stories. And nothing I have seen in the last few years convinces me that this will vanish.

8 thoughts on “How to get UNVEILED

  1. I didn’t realize there might be issues – I had no trouble at all at my local Borders (and I don’t consider us a big city), but maybe I snagged the only copy up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I saw Unveiled at Fred Meyer this week (Northwest Chain of Grocery Stores) and local Target should have it soon-ish as they had Trial by Desire eventually.

    Once I’m done with a book, I love Spoiler-filled reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ Couldn’t we have Mr. Milan’s review below a jump with warnings?

  3. Seeing so many reviews on the web for UNVEILED, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find it locally until I realized that it wasn’t released yet. *facepalm* I ended up preordering the ebook from B&N and got it promptly on 2/1. I loved it! Can’t wait for Mark’s book! Smite’s too, though I’m a bit scared to read that one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m with Bethany on wanting Mr. Milan’s spoiler-filled review – I’d like both versions, please :). I’ve finished Unveiled and loved it. Thank you for writing another great story.

  5. I have seen UNVEILED on the shelves at my local Borders and Barnes & Noble (in the Romance New Releases section). I was able to pick up a copy the first day it went on sale and devoured it that same week (I’m usually a very slow reader, so that was super fast for me). Thank you for writing this book–I absolutely loved it. I’m counting down the days until Mark’s story (virgin hero ahoy!). ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I ordered it from They’re having a Valentines Day sale even. And they usually have a free shipping deal.

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