Yes. It is time for DABWAHA. If you’re wondering what DABWAHA stands for, it stands for … I can’t seem to find it right now, and of course, I am hampered.

See, I am on vacation. My husband thought I needed to spend some time not working, so I didn’t bring my laptop. Or my iPhone. The only way I have to access the internet right now is my Kindle. I don’t remember my twitter password (it’s all saved on my laptop/iPhone) and can’t access twitter.

In any event, DABWAHA stands for something like the Dear Author/Bitchery W…. something. And I’m sure that that is not interesting or explanatory at all, so the short version is that it’s a really freaking awesome competition in which romance novels are pitted against romance novels.

Trial by Desire is one of the nominees. You can vote for it on March 16th, from midnight Central Time to noon Central Time. But here’s the thing: Trial is up against His at Night by Sherry Thomas. I’m not sure I would vote for myself over Sherry Thomas, and so I’m having a hard time working up an appropriate trash talking routine, especially typed out painstakingly on Kindle.

So go and vote in the DABW…something for…someone!

ETA: Having searched twitter for “@courtneymilan” I see that Sherry Thomas is threatening to audit me, assuming that I would threaten to sue her. Dear Sherry: suck it! (Also do you know how hard it is to spell Sherry on a Kindle?)

9 thoughts on “dabwaha!

  1. This post warrants at least one vote – I mean you typed it out on a freaking kindle! I’ve got your back, Courtney, put me in the +1 column for Trial by Desire! 😀

  2. It stands for Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hella Authors.

    And I have your book going all the way to the final round, so I’ll be very disappointed if Ms. Thomas’ book kills yours in round 1. 🙂

  3. As I said on the blog, this was one of the toughest match-ups for me to pick in the whole tournament. I would have picked either your book or Sherry’s to go ALL THE WAY, because they were both so wonderful. I picked Sherry’s by a very narrow margin, but I like to think of that as a favor to you. Books I pick are invariably eliminated quite early.

    My favorite thing about this competition is the spirit the authors bring to it. Nobody tops Meljean, but all of you are amazing.

    And Sybil, I think it’s “Hellagood” Authors, or it was…

  4. It was a TOUGH decision as they were BOTH awesome, well written, keeper shelf books, but I ultimately went with the characters I liked *slightly* better, which was Trial by Desire. Had you been up against Thomas’s Private Arrangements though, I probably would have had to flip a coin! Good luck!

  5. I think yours was the hardest match up in the entire first round to choose between. I thought I saw on twitter you actually picked against yourself? Regardless, enjoy the vacation!

  6. I am intrigued that you can do blog posts on a Kindle…hmmm…must investigate.

    This decision is also tying me in knots. I’ve already voted, but I gotta keep the ballot secret.

  7. I don’t know if you’re able to see the DABWAHA site on your Kindle or not, but the polls closed with you and Sherry splitting it 50/50!!! You actually had THREE more votes than Sherry did (apparently not considered statistically significant) but if it’s a tie-breaker, you should be squeaking by!!!

    Definitely a tough match-up…and either way it’s going to be a heartbreaker for me in Round 3, when somebody’s gotta go head to head with Forbidden Rose!

    And any winner there will have to grapple with Last Night’s Scandal in Round Four. Shoot! Wish they’d set up the brackets differently!!

  8. Yay, you made it into the second round! Pretty darn awesome. I hope you win two more rounds, so I can pick your book in the second chance bracket. Unless you’d rather I didn’t, since I’m the DABWAHA jinx.

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