#dabwaha, now with extra bribery!

So we interrupt those boring posts about books and publishing and pricing and stuff to bring you what really matters…. the third round of #dabwaha! The field of Hellagood Authors has been narrowed from 8 to … 2. And the two who are remaining are Courtney Milan and Loretta Chase.

Say what? Let’s see. There’s Loretta Chase, author of LORD OF SCOUNDRELS, only the best romance novel of all time, and there’s Courtney Milan.

As far as I can tell, I just need to resort to outright bribery. So here’s the bribe I’m offering: if by some miracle I advance to the next round, I’ll give you a scene that I wrote. Which scene, you ask?

Well, sometimes, when I’m trying to flesh out key pieces of backstory–when I need to know what happened and who said what, so that I know what those people are thinking about today–I write out scenes. Just so I know what happened.

It just so happens that I have a scene sitting on my hard drive. It’s a scene between Smite Turner and Richard Dalrymple, when they were both 15 years old. It’s written from Richard’s point of view.

Question: How do I know they were both 15 years old? Well, because the scene takes place on their mutual birthday.

Did you know that Smite and Richard shared a birthday? There are two other things that are revealed in this scene (besides the fact that they share a birthday).

These things aren’t spoilery things (I wouldn’t give out spoilery things). But they are interesting facts. And I think both of them shed a lot of light on Smite. And Richard. So… if you want it, you know what you have to do: basically convince everyone you know with an IP address to go vote in DABWAHA for TRIAL BY DESIRE.

8 thoughts on “#dabwaha, now with extra bribery!

  1. Am ringing the bell in the town square now to read the notice that each person is required to vote Courtney Milan!! HERE YE HERE YE!!!

  2. Hey…you’re ahead at the moment!! (I just went and cast my vote for you!) David and Goliath, etc., etc..

    Good luck! I’ll see what I can do about rousing the masses to action!

  3. Thank you all! I can promise that this scene is Totally Worth It.

    It’s a revealing scene of backstory, containing Pieces of Information that I have not had any opportunity to fit in either Book #1 or Book #2.

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