Unlocked is here!

Unlocked Cover Yes, Unlocked.

You are wondering: What is Unlocked? Well, I know that a lot of people were worried that the wait between Unveiled (Ash’s book) and Unclaimed (Mark’s book) was so long–February of 2011 to October of 2011. And I was with you–I hate having to wait eight months between releases.

So I decided to offer you a helping hand. Unlocked is a novella. It’s about as long as This Wicked Gift (for those who read that)–28,000 words, about 111 pages total. It’s set in the broad world of the Turners, but it stands alone. You don’t have to have read Unveiled to read it, and if you don’t read it, you won’t notice when you read Unveiled and Unclaimed.

It’s about Lady Elaine Warren, a minor character in Unveiled, and one who I wanted to have her own story and resolution.

Here’s the official blurb:

A perpetual wallflower destined for spinsterhood, Lady Elaine Warren is resigned to her position in society. So when Evan Carlton, the powerful, popular Earl of Westfeld, singles her out upon his return to England, she knows what it means. Her former tormenter is up to his old tricks, and she’s his intended victim. This time, though, the earl is going to discover that wallflowers can fight back.

Evan has come to regret his cruel, callow past. At first, he only wants to make up for past wrongs. But when Elaine throws his initial apology in his face, he finds himself wanting more. And this time, what torments him might be love…

You can get it from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Goodreads for 99 cents ($1 at Goodreads–they won’t allow charges under $1.) Eventually, it will be available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Smashwords, kobo, and everywhere else I can get it; some of the other venues will take a little more time. (In particular, Barnes & Noble put my account in review, told me that they sent me an e-mail explaining why, and hasn’t yet answered the e-mail I sent saying I’d never got the e-mail. Grr.)

You can get just about any format you want for your device of choice at All Romance eBooks, though, and for the remainder of today they’re offering a 50% rebate on everything in their store–that means you can get Unlocked for effectively 50 cents.

Read an excerpt here, and enjoy!

In any event, there’s more to this story than a 99 cent novella to tide you over between books. I’ll get to that.


14 thoughts on “Unlocked is here!

  1. It’s between Unveiled and Unclaimed. It ends right when Unclaimed starts. In fact, the first chapter of Unclaimed probably predates the final few chapters of Unlocked, and the epilogue takes place around the same time as the beginning part of Unclaimed.

  2. Got this on Saturday and loving it! And I’m savoring this and making it last by making myself not read it in one sitting!

  3. I just finished it. I tried to make it last longer, but at some point, I just couldn’t stop anymore. I wish there was more of it…but honestly, it’s so perfect I don’t know where you’d add anything…so maybe another story? 🙂

    But just wanted to add that aside from the absolute fantabulousness that is the story, the characters, and the writing, I wanted to thank you for the top-notch quality of the e-book itself. I won’t say it’s very professionally packaged for a self-published book—it’s very professionally and beautifully packaged for ANY e-book, period. Thank you!!

  4. So excited to see this out there!! It’s on my Kindle, and I’m eager to read. I’ve heard others say it’s fabulous. Gorgeous, too!

    (Really, you should have charged $2.99 for it. I’d happily have paid that.)

    Congrats, and good luck with this new venture!!!!

  5. Oh, and I meant to mention it was at #124 in Kindle Stores sales when I downloaded my copy this afternoon. WOOT!

  6. You know, I’m sure I could have charged $2.99 for it, but this novella is about maximizing future readership, not maximizing income.

    I felt like $2.99 for a novella would have brought in people who already knew and liked me. And I very specifically wanted to expand the Courtney Milan empire. It’s all part of my master plan.

  7. I read Unlocked on the plane and cried my heart out. I was getting such is-she-unstable looks from all the other people. I wanted to read the book slowly, take time, savour each page but i couldn’t help myself, just couldn’t put it down.
    Meredith Duran and you are probably my favourite Historical romance authors though i am a little bit more partial to you. And its because of the girls. I love, love your heroines. All of them. Sometimes i want to be like them and sometimes i want to bawl because i think – this is me.
    Will you ever consider writing a plus size heroine ? There are so few of them and almost everyone makes a complete hash of them. Somehow i think she will safe in your hands.

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