Make Courtney pay!

Romance blogger and all around awesome person Limecello is once again running a charity drive in the romance community. Tons of members of the romance community have pledged to donate money to Save the Children in exchange for comments. Right now, I’ve agreed to give $1 per comment, up to a total of $300… and we are nowhere near making me pay the maximum amount.

So go here, and donate:

As a sweetener though, I’d like to add this. For one random commenter (who comments both here and on limecello’s blog–I’m requiring the comment here just because this is a prize that will not be exciting to many people who don’t read my books), I’ve decided to put in something extra special.

The winner will get all of the following:

1. The first look at an e-copy of Unraveled. I’ll send it to you the same day I send it to my copy-editor, so you’ll be getting an early version–it’ll be even earlier than even the review copies I send out.

2. An even earlier sneak peak at the first two chapters. As in, you’ll get them tomorrow. We’re not even in the final editing stages, and stuff has been known to change, but there you are–it’s an extra-special early sneak peek.

3. When the book is released, an e-copy in the format of your choice, and again, when the print version comes out, a signed print copy of the very first print copy I receive–with the edition specially marked for you.

There. How’s that for a bonus? Now go forth and comment and make me pay up, guys!

Courtney Milan writes historical romances, which might lead people to think that she could be cool. In reality, she's about four different kinds of geeky. At present, this blog is where Courtney applies semi-dormant geek skills to publishing.

42 thoughts on “Make Courtney pay!

  1. Courtney must pay! I will retweet and get the word out! This is a great cause!

  2. I commented on Lime’s blog before I even knew about this, but I have to say Thanks for both your pledge and the change to win the “sweetener” as well.

    I posted on my blog about Lime’s post so I hope to make you pay 🙂

    You and Lime both are the best!

  3. I want, I want! I saw your first tweet, followed to Limecello’s blog, then to the Save the Children donation site, saw your second tweet and now I’m here. Kinda dizzy at this point, but for an excellent cause.

  4. A comment that’s worth a dollar! Here’s my contribution 🙂

    It’s so wonderful that you are doing this for charity.

  5. Thanks for your generosity Courtney. I commented yesterday at Limecello’s (and made my donationtoo as well – thanks Limecello for organizing this).

  6. What a special prize package for those of us who like your books. Nice idea.
    Thanks for supporting this worthy cause.

  7. It’s awesome that you – and many members of the romance community – are making it a very good thing to spread the word, even if it’s just for the potential to win. That way, everyone has the opportunity to do the right thing. Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful thing you are doing courtney …. I am going to forward this to all my friends …

  9. Not sure if this is still good or not, but thought I add 1 more. This isn’t anywhere close to 300 comments.

  10. You guys are pretty amazing. Thanks for doing this. I added my comment, and a donation to Doctors Without Borders to Lime’s blog a few weeks ago.

  11. So, I wandered over here from Shiloh’s blog, via Limecello’s, to see what the explanation was, and it’s a fantastic explanation!

    I would love to be able to contribute, but unfortunately, like Limecello, I’ve been unemployed for three years, and simply can’t afford to.

    Therefore, I thank everyone who can contribute and donate prizes for those would comment. Y’all are totally awesome!!



  12. Didn’t know if it was too late to comment, but thought I’d give it a try after reading about the drive on Dear Author and then visiting Limecello’s blog.

    Thank you, and just wanted to say I’m loving reading about the Turners and can’t wait to read Smite’s story.

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