Christmas in August! (a giveaway)

So, enough of the serious stuff (uh, for a short space of time). Here’s something cool.

A while back, Theresa Romain asked me to read a copy of her debut historical romance, Season for Temptation. Which isn’t out until October. And I loved it. It’s a rare beast–a fun, sparkling romance that still has a real dash of emotion.

The setup: James gets engaged to Louisa, a lovely girl, who he thinks he’ll get along with quite well. He spends some time with her family during the betrothal, including with her step-sister Julia. Julia is friendly and funny and outgoing, and James and Louisa are both a little more shy and reserved. It seems only natural that Julia, who wants James to feel welcome to the family, act as a bridge–as she really loves Louisa, and wants her stepsister to be happy.

And so Julia and James become friends. Their friendship progresses from, “Gosh, isn’t it lovely that we’re going to be family?” into a deeper, less superficial relationship. Neither of them intends to fall in love. Neither of them realizes they’re falling in love–they just enjoy each other’s company, and think it’s lovely that they get along so well, since they’re all going to be one happy family.

Until one day, James and Julia realize that they’re spending more time together, and enjoying each other’s company more, than James and Louisa do.

Gulp. It’s a slow, delightful falling in love–one that’s fun and adorable, even though I know the setup seems horribly conflicted and filled with angst. The forbidden love triangle can often be so angst-ridden that as a reader, it’s almost too much. But Theresa Romain’s version had a delicious innocence to it. This wasn’t a case of people behaving badly because they’re too lust-filled; it was one where people acted with the best of intentions. You really feel for them when they realize they’ve got in too deep, but instead of reading it and saying, “NO NO, DO NOT GO THERE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” you can’t help but cheer for what is a true friendship and a truer love.

I really had a blast reading this book, and Theresa got some extra ARCs and offered me one. I declined on my own behalf; I’m trying to do everything in digital these days, after all. But I decided it would be worthwhile to ask her if I could have one for my blog readers, and she said yes.

So here’s your chance, lucky readers. Comment if you want, and I’ll pick a lucky reader to have it over the weekend.

Courtney Milan writes historical romances, which might lead people to think that she could be cool. In reality, she's about four different kinds of geeky. At present, this blog is where Courtney applies semi-dormant geek skills to publishing.

33 thoughts on “Christmas in August! (a giveaway)

  1. It does sound wonderful, thanks for giving a heads up and for getting one as a prize. I love reading how people thrown together for whatever reason fall in love…marriage of convenience stories are a favorite. This sounds similar enough to want to read but different enough to intrigue!

  2. I would think it would be difficult to write such a storyline, as there’s a line (or more than one line) not to cross in order to have a HEA ending. Oh my. That’s quite a teaser. Now I want to see how Theresa gets to her HEA.
    Thanks for sharing, Courtney!

  3. I loved the description for Season for Temptation and I’m really curious to see how it all turns out. Congrats to Theresa on her debut, I wish her every success.

  4. That sounds so lovely! I won’t hold my breath to win ARC, lovely though that would be. This one is absolutely going to be a must-buy upon release. <3 Season for temptation. Check.

  5. I think it’d be a nice change of tempo to read a sweet, slower-paced story. Thanks for the chance to experience this one!

  6. I’d enjoy a copy of this book. It sounds exactly like my kind of romance — friends to lovers, and slowly realizing they’re in love.

  7. What a wonderful premise! Two people with the very best of intentions who end up with the very best of endings. I would love to read this! I am a firm believer that while passion is incredible, a genuine friendship is the very best basis for a marriage.

  8. I love these type of stories but get frustrated because rarely is the execution right on cue. I’ll definitely be trying this one!

  9. I usually stay away from triangles, but this one sounds good! (I like “sparkling” stories quite a lot!)

  10. It sounds like what happened with a former boyfriend and myself. Started talking about his relationship with my girlfriend and we ended up dating but it didn’t work out in the end. He wasn’t my happy ending I have that now.

  11. Congrats to Theresa on her debut. It sounds like a wonderful read. Appreciate the opportunity to win.

  12. It does sound good, especially the part where there is no screaming at the characters to STOP. I read in the bath and it is so echo-y, well, that screaming scares the cat. Thanks for this opportunity and hooray Theresa.

  13. OMG this sounds so lovely. I can’t remember the last romance that I absolutely adore friends to lovers stories. I am adding this to my wishlist right now (especially since you loved it).

  14. This sounds lovely. I have already added it to my “Suggestions from Courtney Milan” list in the very likely event that I don’t win.
    Thanks for all your wonderful book recommendations.

  15. I’d love to be included in the list for a chance to win a copy, if winner name hasn’t been drawn.

  16. Sweet. Please include me in the contest if it is still open? If it isn’t I can still make sure to add, Season for Temptation, to my TBR list. Thanks.

  17. I would love to be included in the contest if it’s still alright! Can’t wait to read the book. 🙂

  18. Friendship to love is one of my favorite plot types! However, normally I’m wary of the “promised to another” complication, since it is very very tricky to ensure that the good feelings of the HEA outweigh the bad feelings that should ensue from a promise being broken. Glad to know there’s another writer out there who can pull that off, even if I don’t win the ARC…

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