Print! Barnes and Noble!

For those of you who have been waiting, Unraveled is now up at the Diesel eBook Store and at Barnes and Noble. (This means we’re waiting on two more stores now: Sony and Kobo.)

Also, I’ve just approved the print version of Unraveled, which means it should start showing up at various establishments (like Amazon, B&, and so forth) soon-ish, where “soon-ish” means somewhere between 5 days and 3 weeks. (Yes, I cringe, too–sorry!)  Actually, it’s already up on Amazon US. Buy it here. The print version of Unraveled is a trade paperback–which means it’s larger than the mass markets I’ve come out in before (no way to get around that), and, unfortunately, pricier.

For those of you who don’t want to wait that long, you can buy it right now from CreateSpace. The URL to buy it is:

And because buying from CreateSpace is more of a pain from buying from Amazon, I’ve set up a discount code you can use for now. If you put in code 4NQ3HZ2S, you’ll get $2 off, which will bring the price down from $11.99 to $9.99. I wish I could produce mass-market print versions–but for now, it’s trade paperback, and I’ve done my best to price the trade paperback comparable to industry standards.