Voting time!

Hey everyone. It’s that time–time to vote in DABWAHA, the romance world’s March Madness tournament, in which only one can prevail!

Last week, when Unveiled suffered ignominious defeat at the hands of Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever, I vowed I would be back. Also, during the last round I used my keen powers of observation to determine the following: when I was awake, I gained on Shadowfever. When I was asleep, Shadowfever gained on me.

The solution would be, of course, not to sleep. Unfortunately, I am too old for that now–I now fall asleep at random times when I shouldn’t, often holding a book or a pen.

Instead, I have scheduled a handful of blogposts throughout the night–I figure that way maybe I can pretend that I am not sleeping, and bamboozle all of Karen Marie Moning’s fans into a hasty retreat. It is time to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! It is time to come back and…uh, come back. It is time to win by a very narrow margin!

And you can help by voting for Unlocked here:

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