The truth about the Fever series

It’s always amazing to me when a small team of one or two people is able to stop the Mighty Forces of Evil with a few well-placed kicks. One wonders how the enemy went about making its plans.

After extensive spying, I have uncovered the truth.

A Dark Fae Counsel, many years in the past.

Dark Fae Prince: I have completed a foolproof plan to break into the human world and take it over.

Fae Minion: Tell us, oh prince. Share your genius.

Dark Fae Prince: Here is my plan: Fever!

Fae Minion: …Kind of not following. You are referring to the thing you take Nyquil for?

Dark Fae Prince: Yes, well, what is it the humans say? Give me a fever long enough and a fulcrum on which to rest it, and I can move the world! Mu ha ha!

Fae Minion: I’m pretty sure that’s a ‘lever,’ Sir.

Dark Fae Prince: …Crap. Always thwarted by simple machines, dagnabbit. Well, let’s see how this fever thing turns out, eh? Humans can’t have that much Nyquil in stock, after all.


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  1. This isn’t so much a real comment, as an experiment to see if I’ve been blocked from commenting (other comments I’ve made don’t seem to be making it through). If I haven’t been blocked and this does appear – hello.

  2. Hi Courtney,I just happened to notice we’re sharing a table at the RWA Literacy Event. This is my first time and I must say I’m in awe of your accomplishments. Publishing is in a different place than it used to be. I’m an “older” newbie just trying to learn the ropes. I look forward to meeting you.

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