RWA Elections

Some people have noticed that I am running for the position of Director at Large on RWA’s board of directors. This is a brief blog post about that.

Why are you running?

Because people asked me to, and I decided that (a) I might have something to contribute, and (b) despite all outward appearances, I had not yet exceeded my capacity for whacking my head against a brick wall.

Why should I vote for you?

  • Because you generally like the way I think.
  • Because you think I need less time.

Why shouldn’t I vote for you?

  • Because you generally don’t like the way I think.
  • Because you generally do like the way I think, and recognize that if I am elected to the board, I will owe RWA fiduciary duties that will require me to maintain silence on issues relevant to RWA instead of mouthing off about them here or on twitter, and you would rather have me in mouth-off mode.
  • Because you notice that I’ve scaled back my workshop/traveling commitments in anticipation of extra work in 2015/2016, and you want me to come speak with your chapter (note: probably won’t work for more than one or two chapters.)

What is your agenda?

  • To promote the professional interests of career-focused romance writers in all ways that are legal.
  • In general terms, I’m a particular fan of increased transparency and increased inclusion.

If I vote for you, will you do everything I want?


If I vote for you, will you do anything I want?

Maybe, if you want some of the same things that enough other members of the Board want.

If I vote for you, will you make all the decisions?

No, I’ll be one member of a large Board of Directors, which means there will need to be wide group consensus on any action RWA takes.

How do I vote?

You have to be an RWA general member in good standing. You should have received an email from RWA with a link to the ballot. If you didn’t, check the RWA website for more information.

Who else should I vote for?

There are no ogres on the ballot! Everyone looks great!

That being said, in terms of the board of directors, I do have to put in plugs for two people.

  • Tessa Dare is a very good friend of mine, a brilliant woman, a fabulous writer who has been extremely successful in an entirely different way than I have. (And also, we were both asked and we talked each other into running, but only so long as we did it together.)
  • Carolyn Jewel, whose technological expertise is second to none, who has a great combination of skeptical and open-minded, and who always makes decisions with data.

Will you be sad if you are not elected?

No. I will be faintly relieved.

Will you be sad if you are elected?

No. I will feel anticipatory weariness.

4 thoughts on “RWA Elections

  1. Oh wow, what a great group of candidates! If I were a writer, and a member of RWA, you ladies would definitely have my vote. Good luck (read: whichever is the best option in your own eyes)

  2. Love your sense of humor and good on you for putting your hand up. Not sure whether to wish you luck in winning or losing this election, but all the best however it goes!

  3. I voted for you before I even read this! I always like reading your thoughts 🙂 also voted for Tessa! I think I voted for Carilyn too… I am easily influenced by well written bios that I connect with…

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