Swag I will have (RWA Anaheim 2012)

I’ll be signing books at the RWA Literacy Signing at the Anaheim Convention Center, from 5 to 8 PM. I’ll be at table 1000 (nice, easy to remember number!) so please come by and say hi if you’re around!

Swag that I will have there:

Mini-excerpt books for The Brothers Sinister (including a never-before-posted excerpt from The Duchess War, and a mention of something that I haven’t mentioned online because I am afraid it might not happen), mini-excerpt book for Three Weddings and a Murder, awesome shiny bookmarks (the picture doesn’t adequately show how shiny they are, and yet how not shiny where it matters! They are nonuniformly shiny!), and–not pictured–shot glasses.

Because if you can find me at RWA (here’s the map) you deserve a drink. Alas; alcohol not included.

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5 Responses to “Swag I will have (RWA Anaheim 2012)”

  1. Your excerpt booklets look great! Did you do them yourself or have them done?

    Wish I could be at RWA!

  2. The excerpt booklets deserve their own post. I did them myself. By which I mean: they are hand-assembled.

    I had actually thought about hand-binding them (not just stitching them) — it’s research, I have this idea of a book about a bookbinder! — but it was just too much. Maybe next time!

  3. A Jain says:

    I’m dying to find out more about your next book. Any chance you would put the mini book on line? Please? Your writing is amazing. “The Governess Affair” is my most favorite book ( and considering I have over 600 books on Kindle, that’s saying something!)

  4. @A Jain:

    First, thank you! I’m so glad you’re excited about what’s coming next.

    I’ll probably be putting up more excerpts from The Duchess War soon–but it’s going to have to wait until after RWA. Check back in mid-August.

  5. fishgirl182 says:

    hi courtney! it was so nice meeting you at rwa. i love, love your books and cannot wait for the next sinister book to come out. thanks for the excerpt and the shiny, shiny bookmarks!


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