Seduction by Design

Bethany Hensel, who is among many other things the senior writer of Lux Magazine (and she adores Joshua Bell, who I have to admit is pretty adorable!), just announced that she’s going to be doing a very cool series called “Seduction by Design.”  It’s going to feature essays, interviews, and reader questions.  For some bizarre reason, the focus of this series is . . . me.  And it will have a new entry on the tenth of every month.

I have to admit that this makes me just a leetle bit nervous.  A new series?  Entries every month?  I can imagine material to fill one . . . maybe two months, and one is not really a series.  That kind of volume makes me think of Robert Caro’s incredible biographies–where in the beginning, the Johnson family (for his LBJ series) or Robert Moses (for the Power Broker) granted him interviews . . . up until the point when they discovered that Robert Caro was going to turn his unflinching eye to the very bad as well as the good.  So I can’t help but wonder whether Bethany will uncover my deep, dark secrets.

I swear, Bethany–I didn’t kill him!  He was dead before I got there!

2 thoughts on “Seduction by Design

  1. J. Bell is amazing, and I do adore him. 🙂 I’ve met him twice and he’s amazing.

    But never fear, Courtney. I’ve already found the body, and I still want to be friends, so no worries! As for topics we’ll discuss…

    Ha, trust me. 🙂


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