Because you asked

Yes.  I’m doing this because you asked.

Okay, nobody asked–but, like the romance hero who just knows the heroine really wants a kiss even though she’s saying no, I can magically intuit that, even though you are all leaning slightly away from me, you really mean yes.

You were thinking to yourself that 12 months–at this point, eleven months and a mere handful of weeks–was too much to wait for PROOF BY SEDUCTION.  February of 2010 is impossibly far away.  None of you could wait that long.

Well, don’t tell me I don’t give my readers what they want!  Here at, we (that would be the royal “we”) wouldn’t want you to wait one day longer than necessary.  And so instead of making you wait eleven months and 19 days for PROOF BY SEDUCTION, we’ve decided to shorten the wait.  In just ten months and nineteen days you’ll be able to buy PROOF!  That’s right–PROOF’s been moved up a month.  Yay!

P.S.  I just wish it were coming out on January 2.  Then it would be 01022010, and that’s a palindrome.  :(  Off by one!

6 thoughts on “Because you asked

  1. *snort* I loved the comparison because, of course, it’s so true.

    Yay on the new release date! Proof By Seduction will start 2010 off just right. (That would have been cool had it been released on January 2).

  2. Congrats. The date is good, as people will be wanting something to read after Xmas.

    Now, the slightly headachy part. Do you think it might be harder for a viral campaign to take off in December, when folks are so busy and distracted?

  3. It could shake out either way.

    The best thing, I think, is that it means my promotional push can do double duty. In many ways, it’s good–people who give/get the anthology novella around Christmas won’t have to wait long for the book, and it will give virally goodness something tangible to grab onto–that is, the novella will be in stores when I’m promoting the book, so people who hear about me and want to check me out can do so under safe cover of a Mary Balogh anthology.

    The Christmas anthology wouldn’t be in stores between January and February.

    But yes, it means any promotion I do prior to the novel release is competing with the entire holiday season. Sigh.

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