Goddess of the Hunt: twitter talk contest!

Do you want some cool stuff?  A copy of Tessa Dare’s Goddess of the Hunt?  Some wicked artisanal chocolates?  How about some other copies of awesome romance releases today?

Here’s how it works.  You have until midnight, PST, August 31, 2009.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to talk up Goddess of the Hunt on twitter.  Now, I’m not just talking about the regular sort of buzz–you know, blah blah blah, starred review in Publisher’s Weekly saying it fit “fit all the best of romance into one novel”, or blah blah blah, 4 and 1/2 stars from Romantic Times, or even blah blah blah I loved GOTH it was so awesome!

No.  Here are some examples of appropriate twittering:

I hear Barack Obama invited Jeremy over to the White House. #tessadare


@TessaDare’s acclaimed GODDESS OF THE HUNT released 14 minutes ago; already solving global warming. Go Tessa and GOTH! #tessadare


@tessadare ‘s GODDESS OF THE HUNT was released in NY 30 minutes ago. Does LUCY rule the world? #tessadare

The more egregious (and positive) your tweet, the better! Goddess of the Hunt solves all your problems, and gives you a bag of chips.

You must tweet to win this contest (but twitter is free).  I will give away:

  • 4 copies of GOTH (to different people of course)
  • 1 copy each of other awesome historical romances that release today, July 28, 2009: Eloisa James’s A Duke of Her Own, Julie Anne Long’s Since the Surrender (Pennyroyal Green Series), and Meredith Duran’s Written on Your Skin.
  • A box of artisanal chocolates and a fine Nerf pistol, which has been used by historical romance greats Tessa Dare and Sherry Thomas (among others) (edited to add: it is the Nerf pistol that has been fired by Tessa Dare and Sherry Thomas; the chocolates are unused, thank you!), will be awarded to the person with the most over-the-top tweet.

Each tweet is an entry.  To enter, you must mark your tweet with the #tessadare hashtag; entries marked with the #tessadare hashtag that are not appropriate talk-up tweets are not valid entries.  Enter as much as you like.  Your chances of winning depend on how many people enter.

Go forth and talk up Tessa Dare!

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