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Goddess of the Hunt
Goddess of the Hunt

Today is a very, very special holiday.

It is “Buy a Book Written by Tessa Dare” day, and today is the first day that you can go into stores all around the country and purchase a book written by Tessa Dare.

Now, Goddess of the Hunt has been getting awesome buzz. Starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal, Top Picks! from Romantic Times, and “Gerbil of the Year” from the Association of Near-Sighted Folk, who oddly enough, mistook it for a truly excellent gerbil.  (They got the excellent part right.)

This is a book about Lucy, a woman who decides what she wants–her brother’s friend, Toby–and goes after him with everything she has, even though he so clearly is about to marry another girl.  The other girl is everything awful: blond, rich, and accomplished.  And now, if this were any other romance novel, you know what would happen.  Miss stuck-up Blonde would show her true colors, and Toby would discover that Lucy was his One! True! Love!

This is not any other romance novel, and as you’ll find out, Lucy grows up, from the girl who hates that perfect blonde and vows to take her place into someone . . . well, someone entirely better.  And watching her grow is a heart-stopping, breath-taking endeavor.

This is also a romance about Jeremy, a man who stopped living years ago. He can’t stand being around Lucy because she is so full of life, she reminds him of all the things he’s missing.  Watching him grow is also a heart-stopping, breath-taking endeavor.

I’ve watched this book grow from just a little nugget of an idea into a full-fledged masterpiece.  And it gives me enormous satisfaction to announce to all of you that today, you can buy a copy of Tessa Dare’s magnificent, powerful, hilarious, touching, and beautiful Goddess of the Hunt.

Well.  That is a little tepid.  What am I saying?  A mere statement that you can buy a copy.  Generally, just because one can do a thing doesn’t mean one necessarily should do a thing.  In fact, most of the things that one is capable of doing are just plain bad ideas.  But when it comes to buying Tessa Dare’s Goddess of the Hunt, you not only can do it, and should do it . . . but, well, you must do it.


Here’s the thing.  If you–yes, I mean you, Buster, the one sitting right there staring at this screen in befuddlement–don’t buy Goddess of the Hunt, it would be an act of such stupendous foolishness that science and rationality as we know it will come to a screeching halt.  Gravity will cease to operate.  Angular momentum will not be conserved.  The apocalypse would come slumping forward like some great beast, all because you couldn’t be bothered to spend $6.99 on what is the best Regency-set romance debut this side of Sense and Sensibility (and let’s face it, Tessa’s sex scenes are better than Jane’s).

So go forth and purchase!


Fine Print. Books not available everywhere. Any locations not carrying this book should be subjected to breathless queries such as, “When are you going to get Tessa Dare’s novels?” even if the location in question is, e.g., a bait shop, a hardware store, or a fire station. Side effects of reading may include laughter, gasps of surprise, and little exhalations of satisfaction. Offer of free apocalypse upon lack of purchase not valid in Northern Hemisphere.

3 thoughts on “Buy a Book Written by Tessa Dare

  1. Courtney! You are such a treat. You’re hilarious. But you should make the “Fine Print” section in slightly less fine print for us myopic types. It’d be a shame to miss it.

    If you weren’t such a magnificent writer yourself, you could have a splendid career as a publicist. How did you know I was staring at the screen in befuddlement?

    So I shall go forth and purchases, while I’m looking for the final book in Eloisa James’s Desperate Duchess series. All that, and the first ripe tomatoes, too. What a wonderful day!

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