One person, making a difference

Yesterday, limecello (a reader, a reviewer, and a wonderful part of the online romance community) posted a blog for Social Good Day. She made the following promise:

I’m poor- I have no job and have law school loans, but this is important to me. I wish I could give more… but here’s what I’m going to do. If 10 people comment on this post today, I’ll donate $10 to the (RED) fund. [And let’s hear it for optimism, because if there are a whole slew of comments, I’ll re-assess that amount.]

After a few hours, inspired by Limecello’s positive attitude (and her drumming up comments for the post), Shiloh Walker agreed to add in $50 if she got to fifty comments. And then… it just seemed to snowball. By the end of the day, limecello had raised $1,150. Over one thousand dollars–all because she started out asking for ten comments, to pledge ten dollars.

And so if you ever have any doubt that one person can make a difference–that one little thing is never as little as it seems–and that the romance community can come together and make good things happen, just take a look at this post.

5 thoughts on “One person, making a difference

  1. Farrah – kudos to you too! Don’t think I missed it in your comment when you said you were headed to (RED) to donate <3 Thanks for quietly doing your thing. Gold star to you.

    And – you guys are all awesome. Best $50 I've spent in a while.

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