Foreign editions!

Happy day!

This morning was taken over by distraction with shiny things. How shiny? Well, let’s try this on for shininess!

First, it’s foreign covers for various anthologies that will have “This Wicked Gift” in them, all coming out in the next week or so:

From left to right: UK, Japan, Germany, Australia!

I’m not sure which cover I like best, although it is seriously cool to see my name in Japanese: コートニー・ミラン

The Japanese title is “Christmas of Love” (according to Google Translate), and the German title means “Christmas Magic” (according to me). The UK/Australian versions look like slightly altered versions of the North American version, but with higher contrast. I’ve already seen one of the UK versions up close and personal, and it’s very pretty in person. My favorite title is definitely the German one–“Christmas Magic”–because I like the little tingle that you get when you think about that.

And then there are other editions of Proof by Seduction, many of which will look at least somewhat familiar:

From left to right: Estonian, Thorndike large print, Italian, German, Australian!

The Estonian title translates directly as “Proof by Seduction.” Le Ragioni del Cuore is “The Reasons of the Heart,” and Eine hinreißende Schwindlerin means something like “A Beautiful Liar.” Or maybe “A Gorgeous Con-Artist.”Aren’t they pretty? I don’t even have the slightest clue how to pronounce Tõestus Võrgutamise Abil. And it’s totally, utterly bizarre to look at these covers and to think, “Huh. I wrote that. And I have no idea what it says.” The Thorndike Press version is actually domestic–it’s a large print edition, for libraries, and as I am sure you can all see, they toned down the cover just a tad for the demographic that tends to read large print books.

Soon, we should be seeing versions in Dutch and Polish, and eventually French and who knows what else–and hey, in a few months, we’ll see Trial‘s first overseas appearance (Australia–they’re fast at getting books out!).

Shiny! Pretty! Ooooh.

9 thoughts on “Foreign editions!

  1. Wow, these are gorgeous! I have total shiny-pretty envy (in an admiring way, not a deadly-sin way). Congratulations: you are well on track to dominate the world before Christmas!

    Thanks for the translations–that’s really interesting to see what publishers think overseas audiences will prefer. The Germans are obviously having a good time with their titles. Did they retitle This Wicked Gift, too?

  2. Love them! Thanks for sharing. But I’ve always wondered–as the author, would you prefer to see the same covers for a book or do you like seeing as much variety as possible?

  3. Theresa: They retitled “This Wicked Gift” — it’s now “die Nacht der Heimlichen Wünsche,” which means (thank you Growly Cub), “The Night of the Secret Wish.”

    And everyone else! Thanks!

    peggy: I like variety! It’s actually really cool to see new covers. That’s triply true when they reflect differing cultural sensitivies–like, I love the Japanese cover, just because you would NEVER see a historical romance with that kind of cover in the US, and in my mind that makes it different and interesting.

    Likewise, I adore the German cover. It’s really quite tender, which is something I haven’t had on a cover yet.

    And I definitely wonder if the different cover will make someone come to the book with differing expectations, and if that will change how they experience the book.

  4. I should say that my cover for Unveiled is actually a more tender cover, and that makes me happy–because I think the hero and heroine have the most tender relationship in it, out of all the books I’ve written.

    And I’m glad that’s reflected on the cover.

  5. Oh, I’ll have to keep my eye out for the Polish version since I’m in Krakow! Do you automatically get copies or do you want one if I can find it?

  6. Thanks, Courtney! Frankly, if I saw any of your books with a different cover in another country, I’ll probably be tempted to get it! (Especially if it’s in a language I can read–but maybe even not–haha!)

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