Final Four in #dabwaha

So once again, Trial by Desire is up in DA BWAHA. It’s up against Jaci Burton’s novella, “No Strings Attached,” which has been a regular steamroller in DA BWAHA–so if you are so inclined, go vote for it!

You’ll notice that the second fight in DA BWAHA is Julie James’s SOMETHING ABOUT YOU against Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Kiss. They’re both excellent books, but I have to admit to a soft spot for SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, where the heroine is a lawyer. Aw, lawyers. They’re so cute and cuddly! Seriously, I really love that book, and if you do too (or if you can’t choose between Nalini and Julie James), vote for her!

As a sweetener for that last race, I have the following to offer: if SOMETHING ABOUT YOU wins, Mr. Milan will review it. Here. On this blog.

Note: I only have his promise to review it, not his promise to review it in a timely manner. But yes, for the very first time, Mr. Milan could review a book not written by Courtney. How can you say no?

Courtney Milan writes historical romances, which might lead people to think that she could be cool. In reality, she's about four different kinds of geeky. At present, this blog is where Courtney applies semi-dormant geek skills to publishing.

3 thoughts on “Final Four in #dabwaha

  1. Good Luck! I voted for Julie before reading this post, but I would vote again just to get the chance to read Mr. Milan’s review. They are always entertaining 🙂

  2. I eagerly await Mr. Milan’s review of SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. I hope he likes it as much as I do.

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