Birthday Gift!

No, it’s not anyone’s birthday–at least not that I know about.

Almost two full months ago, I promised you that if I beat Loretta Chase in DA BWAHA, I would give you a short scene between Richard and Smite, one that disclosed all kinds of secrets, some of which you would not be able to glean from either Unveiled or Unclaimed.

Through some miracle, I won that round.

And I have not forgotten my promise. I just delayed it a little…actually, a lot, because what worked perfectly well as a scene to establish what had happened in a key scene between two important players actually needed a ton of research and various other details to make it fit for public consumption.

But fit for public consumption it is now! Here you are: Birthday Gift.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Gift!

  1. That was fantastic! I cannot WAIT to get to Smite’s story! The negative of course is that Unclaimed isn’t released until October and Smite’s story won’t be til…. 2012?

    You’re being purposefully cruel, but I like that about you 🙂

  2. Actually, Courtney, today is my son’s 8th birthday! I’m going to assume the gift is for *me* though, because I did all the hard work of making him. Thanks for the present!

  3. That was AWESOME.

    I was a little afraid to read it because I didn’t want any spoilers, but then I couldn’t resist.

    So beautifully written…and packs a hell of an emotional punch for such a short piece. Go, you!!

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