Winners of the Tessa Dare twitter contest

The winner of Julie Anne Long’s Since the Surrender is:
MaggieLRobinson: @TessaDare @courtneymilan Lucy told Michelle to stay in and read GOTH to Barack for inspiration #tessadare
The winner of Meredith Duran’s Written on Your Skin is:
arianna_skye: @ElyssaPapa Lucy and Jeremy nominated for Nobel Piece prize! #tessadare
The winner of Eloisa James’s A Duke of Her Own is:
DYockman: Lucy has a new line of lingerie at Victoria’s Secret called Goddess of the Hunt. Featured item? Crimson Velvet Robe! #tessadare
The winners of copies of Tessa Dare’s Goddess of the Hunt are:
arianna_skye: #tessadare and the oscar for best couple in a regency goes to… drumroll please!… Lucy and Jeremy
AnimeJune: Goddess of the Hunt didn’t punch Chuck Norris out – Chuck Norris simply placed his adoring face in the way of GOTH’s fist #tessadare
WanderingG: New online dating site run by the fabulous Lucy. You can read her own love-match success story in GOTH. #tessadare
r8chieg: @TessaDare’s acclaimed GODDESS OF THE HUNT released TODAY; already solved my squirrel problem and made ice cream!! #tessadare
It was quite difficult to pick the winner of the chocolates and the fine Nerf pistol for most outrageous tweet.  There were many, many egregiously twittered options, from @santasmbslt’s description of Lucy shooting leftover zombies from Pride and Prejudice, to @stefaniesloane’s assertion that Edward Cullen had deserted Bella in favor of Lucy.  But @ElyssaPapa took an early lead with this tweet:
ElyssaPapa: @TessaDare Presidential seal of approval for GOTH. #tessadare
Photoshop and state secrets. Does it get any better than that?
Congratulations to the winners!  E-mail me at with your address or DM me on twitter.

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