Win my novella (and other news)

There are three ways I can think of that you can win a copy of my October 1st debut novella.

1. If you are Catherine Gayle, you have already won a copy from my last contest. Congratulations!

2. If you are not Catherine Gayle, I am giving away three copies on my website, along with other fine merchandise. Visit here for details–it’s really easy to enter.

3. Also, Sherry Thomas is giving away three autographed copies on her website as well.

Note: In a fit of brilliance, I decided I would make a “schedule” of things I was going to do leading up to the release of this novella.  Ha ha ha! That was funny. It was so funny, I am still cringing in horror. I am never going to do that again. Why? Because it is now an unending source of guilt…and yet I have so many more important things to do, like working on my next book. One of these days, I will be intelligent. That day is not today.

5 thoughts on “Win my novella (and other news)

  1. Congrats to Catherine! That’s great about the other giveaways. Sherry Thomas is full of awesome; her wording of the novella and you, as an author, is so great that it’s made me want to have THOC and PROOF now.

    And lol on the lists. Now I feel bad because I’d e-mail you and ask so how is such and such coming along, which probably just added to the guilt. Sorry about that.

    In the spare time you do have, you totally need to read CATCHING FIRE! And I think HUSH, HUSH is headed your way. You know, because you’re not busy or anything. 😉

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