Final Final cover!

So it turns out that my final cover for Proof was merely penultimate, not ultimate.

Here’s the final cover–they changed the font for the title so that it would be easier to read from across a room:

Final Final Cover for Proof by Seduction
Final Final Cover for Proof by Seduction

And in other news, I am still crazily busy.

6 thoughts on “Final Final cover!

  1. Not a fan of the cover (“Oh, I get it. This is going to be a SEXY book. Because I would never have been able to figure that out from, like, the title.”), as Courtney knows from the e-mails with which I’ve pestered her.

    But I’m glad to see I’m in the minority. The important thing is that the book sell, and if the majority of people like this cover, then you go, half-naked recumbent self-stroking girl!

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