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c ourtney spends a lot of time doing research. Some people might imagine that the things that are most fun to research are things like, when did they start using steam engines? or what kind of gloves should a lady wear to a party? Probably those things are fun to research, but the part Courtney really enjoys is the dry legal nitty-gritty stuff.

Here’s where she collects the research she's done.

Devises: A quick guide to the two types of entails, and an explanation of how a good solicitor can help an heiress marry without worrying that her husband will steal everything. Yes, even before the Married Women’s Property Act there were remedies.

Crime & Punishment: Courtney explains why you probably wouldn’t be able to send a peer to debtor’s prison.

d o you have a legal question that’s not answered here? You can try sending me mail! (Note: as of early 2012, I’m slammed. I am hoping to be more free later…) Be forewarned that I’m only willing to consider questions from the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries. If you need a writ of habeas corpus in 2020, Courtney wishes you the best of luck, and suggests that you find yourself an excellent lawyer well-versed in modern law.

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There’s also a short piece on writing.

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