Where to start reading Courtney Milan...

Interested in reading my books for the first time? Here’s a handy-dandy guide for the best place to start reading.

The Duke Who Didn’t is the start of a new historical romance series set in the tiny village of Wedgeford Down.

Jeremy Wentworth has been in love with Chloe Fong for as long as he can remember. Maybe it’s time he mentioned that he’s actually a duke?

Do you like novellas and historical romance? The Governess Affair is a prequel to the Brothers Sinister series. If you’re interested in trying one of my books for the first time, and it’s free almost everywhere. This will get you in with a minimum investment of time/money, and you’ll be at the start of a series.

Do you like full-length historical romance? The Duchess War is the first full-length book in the Brothers Sinister series. Lots of people seem to like it, so maybe you will, too!

Do you prefer contemporary romance? Trade Me is the first book in the Cyclone series, a series that has fewer carriages and corsets than my historicals, and a lot more texting, product launches, and F-bombs.