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October 2016 ? 😐

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Where to Start?

If you’re just discovering my books and want to know what to read first, here are some recommendations. If you’ve already read all my books, and want to know which authors I enjoy reading here are some more recommendations.

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What’s New?

September 12, 2016

The Year of the Crocodile is available on all vendors.

September 2, 2016

I updated the emoji threat level for Hold Me. Also, I added a timeline for the Cyclone Universe on the Cyclone Series page, hand-drawn by yours truly, so you can see where each book falls in relation to the next.

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What’s Coming Next?

cover for Hold Me

Hold Me: Still probably October of 2016. Emoji thread level is officially medium. 😐

(updated 9/2/2016).
(Why is this only a guess?)

cover for trade me

We have dual narrators for the audio edition of Trade Me—Xe Sands and Sean Crisden. They’re both incredible narrators who will really bring life to the project. I’m excited. They will be recording in September, so hopefully we will have this out in October.

(updated 7/1/2016).

cover for The Year of the Crocodile

The Year of the Crocodile: It’s a short story in the Cyclone universe (around 10,000 words). It’ll be out September 12. I’ll have exact details up in early/mid June. Emoji threat level is low because it’s already written; any uncertainty in an exact release date at this point is just a matter of scheduling around other things. 😍

(updated 6/3/2016).

cover for afterthewedding

Best guess: sometime in the second half of 2016. 😱

(updated 3/9/2016).
Why is this only a guess?

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