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If you’re just discovering my books and want to know what to read first, here are some recommendations. If you’ve already read all my books, and want to know which authors I enjoy reading here are some more recommendations.

What’s New?

January 20, 2015

Today is the release date for Trade Me, and it’s out everywhere. You can get it here: amazon | amazon uk | amazon au | amazon ca | apple | nook | kobo | google | all romance | smashwords

January 18, 2015

Want to know more about the Cyclone Series and Trade Me? I’ve added an official Cyclone Series page.

January 17, 2015

I’ve added a What to Read section with recommendations on other authors.

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What’s Coming Next?

cover for Trade Me

After nine full-length historicals and almost as many novellas, I realized I needed a break. It’s just a break—I promise I’ll be back to historicals—but early in 2015, you’re going to get my first ever contemporary romance. Find out more about Trade Me.

(updated 11/12/2014).

cover for RWA Premiere

I have a short story in RWA’s first-ever anthology, Premiere. A Right Honorable Gentleman will be out February 9, 2015.

cover for once upon a marquess

Once upon a Marquess, the first book in the Worth Saga, is going to be out in April or May of 2015. Yes, that’s a long way away. But there will be other things out before then. (updated 11/12/2014).
(Why is this only a guess?)

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